American Airlines A330-200


Also add a US Airways Livery because that’s how they acquired these aircraft.


This has already been requested


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We need the A332


Looks so good hope it will come when the a330s gets reworked!


American announced they are retiring all the a330s in the coming years. They will be the first airline to retire the a330 from its fleet


Love this livery. We need it for Global!


They ordered A350’s! What about that one? So that means they’ll have both 787’s and A350’s in their fleet I don’t think conflict is why they’re retiring A330’s.


They already had plans to replace the a330s with the a350-800. That was prior to the merger. Then American switched the a350-800 orders to the a350-900. And that’s what the a330s are being replaced with


So basically Airbuses are being replaced with more Airbuses and vice versa for Boeings? I wonder why.


This is definitely a must!


Boeings are being replaced with Boeings
i.e 757s and 767s replaced with either the 787-8 or -9. 777-200ER’s are being replaced with the 787-9 or 77W.

Airbus a330s are being replaced with the a350-900

And they are adding more a319s to their fleet, along with more 737-800s and 737-8s


Americans paint job just looks great with this plane


Eh as more planes are being made, they have better tech and stuff like that, I guess airlines feel like they need to switch and replace :P


Beautiful livery on a beautiful aircraft.


How do we still not have it?


Gorgeous livery!


I Love it!


I’d like to see this, since this is the variant that will stay in the fleet.