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Ever heard of sth called over night or weekend?


The problem is that you won’t be able to use the device you’re using while flying. In my case I use my iPhone so when flying I won’t be able to text or call because it will pause the flight.


Of course I do but in that case you’ll definitely miss the new scenery…


Almost no one will look at the screen for the 8 or so hour flight. Most flights will be over the ocean. Sight-seeing flights will be only 2 hours of looking at the screen. As I said, most of the flights will be over ocean so people will sleep then.


Yes we do,


Doesn’t really show the scenery though… unless the scenery will be fully black at night, which I highly doubt.



Seeing this is what real night time looks like, I can only assume that you’re not gonna see much of the ground at night time. Unless you’re suggesting we now have the Moon, the Milky way and Aurora


Oh yeah, true… 🤦‍♂️. What about flying over cities? I know we don’t have any nighttime satellite imagery yet, but it’d still be interesting to see what it looks like.


Black, black as the blackest coal. There are no city lights. Your only light is your Nav light.


Someone said there would be more 747 liverys with global? Is that true


Highly doubt it but anything is possible.


Read this pls


That is 2 months old and I am asking about today.


Ok. I asked this in Evolution of Global Flight but nobody confirmed it or gave a real proper answer. I dont think it was answered in this thread if so, can someone plz add it.

Will wind now be available on both multiplayer and Solo or just multiplayer?
I am asking because Jetstreams will be implemented and i want to practice flying into fierce headwinds on Solo.


Key West surface winds from Laura’s Insta.
Multiple Hurricane Hunters are deployed all over the Southern Florida region.


What are the yellow circles on the map? Also the scenery 😳


It looks like the lines are wind patterns because they are in a spiral and the hurricane is a spiral.
Like the red is where the wind is the worst then yellow is lighter and green is even lighter winds.


Those lines are the wind patterns and general direction.


There are also yellow circles along Florida. Near one of the testers planes


I don’t remember anyone posting pictures from 500m imagery lands so could someone post a pic or two for comparison with the 15m?