All Confirmed Global Features // Global Q&A


Here is the full caption for y’all! 16+ hours!! WoW!


No wonder she finished in two hours.


In case anyone thought that we will have time scale:- Only devs will have access to that.

That is more clear


Quite ironic how you put “That is more clear” under a blur 😂


Currently it’s called live weather and us updated hourly. I doubt it is second-by-second


3 photos already today! Keep em comin FDS!


Although we know time-scaling is only a development tool, it’s also true that it’d really nice to have it too in the public release. I don’t know you but I don’t have 10h a day for flying from KJFK to OMDB.


Do we have any picture of night in global?


Not yet… That is the one type of picture I’m waiting for.


You don’t have to be sat with your phone in hands whilst flying for the ten hours. If you don’t have time to do KJFK to OMDB then do LFPG - EGLL or something shorter.


The simple answer is you don’t do those type of flights if you can’t do them without time scaling. Implementing time scaling would be a mess on live, imagine you were on final and someone just appears out of nowhere right in front of you after he/she disabled the time scaling option, would be very inconvenient and annoying, especially to ATC as it would mess there sequence up.


You’re right, it might be better if it was only available in Solo Mode.

Anyway, if I want the sim to be realistic, I should stick to realism and respect the flight times.


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Will there be casual, training and expert servers in global?


Maybe you are speculating…


There will be, the server system will be the same I believe.


Of course! 99.999999% sure to be exact


Cool thanks for answering


I think the best option if time-scaling was implemented, is for it to only be available in Solo mode. Time-scaling in Live would be disastrous, and not a great option, and when flying online using Vatsim with FSX, if you use the time-scaling (sim rate) feature, you are banned from the server. It’s not a good idea for active airspaces in a multiplayer scenario.

Either time-scaling is only available in Solo, or available in Solo and Casual. I’m honestly not too bothered about not having a time-scale option though. Most people who complain about it are probably happy to spend 5+ hours on their Xbox or Playstation, so I don’t think anyone will be too affected by it.


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