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Not really… SimBreif gives pretty good fuel levels to use (not 100% accurate of course)


Its quite simple and easy to use, (I use Simbrief for P3D) You have an pre spec’d aircraft profile available and its then simply a case of entering your passenger count, cargo and calculating your route.

It spits a PDF out from which you can then refer to in IF and adjust your weights and fuel load accordingly

It will also provide you flightplan information including selected SIDS and STARS for your chosen runways and routing


I use SimBrief as well, it is a pretty simple to use and generally works pretty good. It does overestimate the cargo a bit, for example if you put 180 passengers on a 737-900 based on the fuel load it generally will be 10,000 pounds of cargo in order to get it to ramp weight. If you don’t put the cargo on that means you’ll do better on fuel burns anyway.


So best to enter your pax/cargo weight into Simbrief manually so it doesnt assign those unrealistic weight numbers


It auto-generates some cargo numbers based on the passenger count. I don’t know how to manually control the cargo numbers entirely, other than adding cargo (in addition to what it auto-generates).


If I would be performing a one-engine takeoff (no good explanation why), and engine number 1 was inactive. Would the plane actually start veering left?


If you were in a canoe and only paddled on the right side which direction would you go? Think about it for a second 🤔


Without any pilot input the plane would bank left but

Not necessarily though, if you know how to control the plane and work the plane properly you will be able to keep it from banking left. In real life there have been situations where one engine has had to be switched off and they have landed. All pilots IRL are trained to land with one engine.

To be honest, you won’t need to worry because in order to do a one-engine takeoff you have to disable the engine yourself, so yeah… it would be a bit silly to do that…


I’ll definitely try that one out.


You are correct. When I go into training, the instructor puts one engine off and we have to manually land with one engine. It’s a rare situation and as you did say correctly pilots are trained for these situations :)


That’s a circle, right? 😅


Well generally you’d just crash into the bank and capsize 😂

Source: personal experience

Completely unrelated, I wonder when live weather is updated. Hourly like currently?


I was asking about if the physics would be implemented into the game.


Well, that’s a straight yes.

It would be a bit strange if you just flew perfectly with one engine.


I forgot to add: if it would start veering left on the runway


Why not just test it out when global comes? Although I’d greatly discourage one-engine takeoffs for the sake of your Passengers.

Answer to your question:

Well, I’m pretty sure you would need to use the rudder a bit in order to stop the aircraft from veering.


We’ll they said live weather so most likely constantly updated.



You guys are quick hahah ;-)


Looks like somebody is there with her.