All Confirmed Global Features // Global Q&A


Yes, these are features that you will get. With and without global. Similarily, like the updated terrain we will be getting :)


I have heard that if we pay (not asking for pricing), we can have global in solo mode. My question is if anyone knows it’ll be a subscription like Live, or a permanent purchase?


Phillipe has mentioned that it will most likely be a subscription.

Most likely.


Friday night flight:


Is it just me or does the prop look slightly different?


It might have something to do with the fact that every aircraft has engine start stop.


Right, that is what I was thinking. It looks better now! in my opinion.


Yes, and a good prop will have a good sound to it!


I think it does look different because it is a static pic. and not moving. That’s probably how the prop does look like without the spinning animation.

  1. How good is 15m sat imagery (i.e. if one pixel covers the same area as an x cm * x cm square, what is x?) I have the same doubt for the lower quality imagery.
  2. Are there any device heating issues for the iPad 9.7" (2017) (with more aircraft than the average Live Event, and no Airplane Count limit, and Global put together) at this stage of development (or at least at the final stage)?


Answer to #2:


[quote=“FlyFi, post:1, topic:135317”]
Q: What about the other areas?

A: “Very low quality at the moment (500m/pixel, looks very blurry) but the topography (elevations) is accurate (between -60 latitude and +60 latitude) and will still have airports to explore.”
[/quote] When is the update?

From the Original Post.

  1. One pixel of high resolution imagery covers 15m x 15m, low resolution is one pixel = 500m x 500m. I don’t know how more specific you want it to be. The rest depends on how large display and how high the resolution of your display is.

  2. As I’ve said many times, no. It depends however on how high your screen brightness is and whether you have Limit frame rate on/off. This differs nothing from how it is today on the public build you can find in App Store.


Laura is testing the A380’s fuel burn from Auckland to Dubai!


I really like this new map, hopefully testing goes good.


The new rendering makes the aircraft look brand new, almost too good. Will be flying the A380 way more once Global hits


Just shows the granular attention to detail the developers are putting into this update. To test fuel burn must have to incorporate not only weight but flight levels, temperatures and wind speeds / direction

Hope the flight goes smoothly and results are as expected!


Is there anything in infinite flight which helps calculate the fuel needed for the flight.


Not as far as we know. Lots of testers are using - I know I will for sure


@ewanfleming so we’ll just be running of rough estimates