All Confirmed Global Features // Global Q&A


Perhaps ask the mods to close this topic?


I shall do that tomorrow afternoon. It’ll give users a chance to get in some questions that haven’t been answered before, if there are any.


Is that some kind of joke? 2011?


yes he was joking around


I feel that this topic is going to raise speculation and things that are going to get out of hand… if you don’t want this topic closed, then I would recommend no speculation, as that’s what has closed other topics


Actually, I do want this topic closed. By tomorrow afternoon.


Fixed! Tomorrow afternoon it will automatically close.


This topic is for people who specialises in speculation


ok then!
so by you closing this topic, do you mean that for a topic like this, it will need to have been done by the developers?


No. I meant nothing else than what was requested by the user that created this topic.


he is going to have to explain why hahaha. but seriously this topic is fine


The explanation is quite simple:
To avoid useless posts and speculation. If this is to remain, it has contain nothing but confirmed features. If it gets out of hand, this topic will be removed.

Making this a Wiki would be one way to solve it, allowing Regulars to add/remove features if needed.


your comment makes absolute sense, thank you very much, I hope that everyone here sees that so they know!


Yay! I have waited for this thread, this will be great to entertain me when I’m bored - looking through all the features

Why does everyone keep forgetting the poor DC-10. No one ever says “Maybe the Md11/DC10 is coming with global” 😞



Round of applause for you! This should hopefully clarify expectations for global, very useful. Bookmarked!


@schyllberg can regulars edit wikis even if the topic is closed? If so, if it was made a wiki and shut new features could be added but the thread would stay uncluttered


Except for the post saying that the terrain will be “streamed” and cached to a certain amount of space. Also, that they are trying their best to get it for devices with <1GB of RAM (unlikely tho)


RAM is different to storage. Optimising to use less than 1GB of RAM will have very little affect on the actual size of the game


Yes, I know that 🙃

I was meaning how well it would run and it would have to be on low settings


Nice topic, Donny! You forgot to add these three features through:

I would also consider to alphabetize the list. It would make this thread look even cleaner. Thanks! :)