All Confirmed Global Features // Global Q&A



I highly recommend that you scroll up to the top and review what the original post includes as the information provided is the most valuable information to date in reference to the upcoming “Global” update ;)


Oh, well we’ll see. Most likely I’ll have just to update myself…But I’m not really having time for the next months to discover all this new amazing features… I will try to stay with our current version with live, but for a matter of respect for other users, I’ll be doing it on Casual Server.


Why would you want worse terrain and rendering???


Updating doesn’t mean you have to pay for global you know that, right?


Yes, I have to agree with that. But we have had this terrain and physiques since Infinite Flight went out! I just don’t want to leave it from one day to another. I would miss it a lot . Plus the chance that I don’t have time to discover global by myself. It all results in staying with our current version for some more time.


It’s getting close… I can feel it.


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Yep. We have discussed this above… you see, if you had of stayed in the forum you would of known already 😉


Alright, Imma remove it then since you guys already talked about it :).


USCG C-130 over some Alaskan terrain.


Oh my goodness I’m in love.


What plane is that? Its at a strange angle.


It is the USCG C-130.


Most people cannot fully grasp what we are in for with the next update! Truly amazing progress!


That’s just amazing. The rendering is just amazing…


The caption.

If you don’t understand, just before this they reposted an image that had already been posted


Ooh this is exciting 😃. I’ll add to the FAQ


Someone already posted a photo of that but for some reason they deleted it😉


That was just the photo from the Infinite Tracker app but not from Live Flight that is a new development


I wondered whether the GetSessionsInfo.aspx endpoint on the Live API would return those servers so it would be on all apps utilising the live servers. My thesis was correct