All Confirmed Global Features // Global Q&A


Just check the initial post, it states all we know about what’s coming in the update.


There won’t be clouds- just fog like it is now in live- read the first post of this topic to find out about what’s coming in the current update- like @Carrots4Luke1 said


Thanks for pointing that out - I’ve looked at the list, but it appears night textures not included (that we know of). Pity, and maybe something for the developers to consider at some point.


Not sure if this has been asked before, but will there be increased fuel efficiency on aircrafts with winglets? Most winglets improve fuel efficiency up to 3.5% during flight, so it’d be interesting to see this take affect in Infinite Flight.


That’s a good question… We can’t really answer that because we don’t know, I think we’ll have to wait and see.


That would be cool to see. That and like, do auxiliary tanks on the F14 and C130 increase range? Do opening doors on C130 increase fuel burn? Hopefully they pay attention to these details.


Patience is key right now guys! We gotta stay strong…not gonna lie though im over here like…



Looks like Global servers will be seperate from the regular region servers in the update. Courtesy of Infinite Tracker.


That actually makes sense.


Is there any possibility to stay with the current version and still fly live as we fly now when global flight update comes out?


Yeah, I’m pretty sure you can still fly on Live without updating.


Maybe… but who on earth would want to do that?!?


Cheap people! ha. im assuming i wont have to be one of those people, but we’ll see after they release pricing structure.


Come on fellas let’s not get carried away with one little screenshot of an update to tracker by throwing darts at the forum wall. kthxbai ;)


What Phillippe has is that global will be a seperate subscription to live:

  • You can have no subscriptions and fly in regions on solo

  • You can have a live subscription and fly in regions on live

  • You can have a global subscription and fly around the world on solo

  • You can have a global subscription and a live subscription and fly around the world on live

(No idea whether there will be global and global+ or whatever)

Note - this post is not speculation, it is based on what Phillippe said, but due to the uncertain nature of the pricing scheme ATM this could be entirely wrong


And it fits into what you are seeing on the server list for Infinite Tracker. Live will still exist without a global subscription


I really hope the little message that blocks live on older updates (“You are using an old version of Infinite Flight”) doesn’t appear when global flight comes out. I want to stay with the current terrain and simulator physiques we have now for some months.


I doubt that will work for a number of reasons. Updated in-region airports being one of them (changes of airport altitude, location etc. , frequency changes on ATC and so on. You’ll just make things hard for yourself.


What is when we have Live+ now, must we pay it again when global comes out?


If you had only read the original post, you would know the answer to your question. We don’t know.