All Confirmed Global Features // Global Q&A


Well that’s a relief 😌


What is time scaling


If a flight were to take 5 hours, in this case Laura Co-Founder of Flying Development Studio utilized a developer tool to advance time without having to fly the aircraft of choice for 5 hours. She did this in the scenario above to simulate fuel burn among other things. This feature will not be added to the Global Update as it would give ATC trouble amongst other issues that may come about.


Oh ok thanks for clearing that up


I think I remember Laura saying something about streaming and saving a cache of data on the phone for offline use at some point but I have no idea if this was implemented


She said it may be implemented in the future but not in the initial release



Beautiful! I really can’t wait.


Whoa! What a pic and incredible graphics! WOW that looks so cool!


One more of these photos and I may actually cry. That’s absolutely beautiful.


Turbulent Tuesday:


What??!! someone didn’t upload the text-free version of the pic already? You guys are slackin’.


Text free


Are thes the new prices? One week ago there stand 3,39€- 54,99€…


As Tim B mentioned in another thread.


1st this is from may, 2nd this topic is closed and 3rd I dont talk about the same think like the guy in the other thread ^^


  • Note the graphical chart on the right, exchange rates are constantly changing.


How come all addons are still £4.99!? GPD is worth the most yet we still have to pay more?


Guys, this topic is for confirmed features.
We’ve already asked you to avoid speculation, and as the prices have yet to be announced this qualifies as that. Probably just a glitch in Play Store or something about exchange rates…



Given Laura has confirmed there won’t be clouds, does anyone know if night texture and rendering will be improved in global? Feel that’s really lacking at the moment