Aircraft not lifting off at Vr


Hey guys I’ve been playing IF live for sometime now and I noticeed when my aircraft load is >MLW I find it difficult to liftoff at 150-160kts within a pitch angle of 5 degrees without risking tailstrike. My aircraft in this case is wide-bodied and I always set my flaps to 5 degrees and trim to 15%. To prevent tailstrike I have to rotate at 180kts. How can I correct it such that I still can liftoff at 150kts without pitching up too much?


More flaps, MLW on a heavy with only 5 flaps? 15 would be much more reasonable.


What chief said, what aircraft are you talking about?


Beautiful community made V-Speed table which I use on all flights. I suggest using it as it will give you very accurate speeds for taking off. However on the 787 I recommend 90%-100% load you use Flaps 20˚ and then raise it to 15 at the same time as gear up



First time I saw this excel sheet pretty cool thanks


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