Aircraft carriers


Infinite Flight team… I am enjoying this product so much, thank you for all the new updates…however, i have a challenge for the team…Lets land our JETS on carriers…take your time to develop, it would be worth the wait…Colin Sutherland


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I’m sorry but the chances but shipping an aircraft carrier update is probably not a glimpse in the future ,There are a whole BUNCH of other features that are more important like Reworks ,New aircraft buildings taxi lights etc.EDIT:I didn’t expect so much popularity on the Carrier voting page,I’d like it cause I love military aircraft but again I don’t foresee it in the future


Hey, lets be positive and let him vote for what ever he wants.
EVERYONE’S opinions are welcomed!


That’s the spirit, welcome aboard @Colin_Sutherland to our community, it’s an aircraft carrier 😂