Airbus A350XWB Family


Well in general, straight wings produce more lift at lower speeds but also more drag and can’t go as fast (complicated), whereas swept wings produce less lift but can go faster and with less drag meaning more fuel efficient. Now back on topic


Yup! It looks awesome in my opinion too :)

It will be appreciated if you might want to remove your pictures and provide the link instead though ;)


Omg yayyy 213 votes this has got to be a sure thing by now😍😍 If they do add this I’m gonna be on top of the Cathay, Delta, and Singapore liveries👍🏻


Hopefully, but unfortunately A350 is not going to come in near future 😢. At least after MD-11/DC-10 and CRJ Rework. Hopefully it will come with A330 rework ❤


I dont think it will come this year, first we have the CRJ which will take months, then you have high demand for General Aviation aircraft amongst the community then you have the A330 which has atleast 230 votes… probably not till atleast 2018.


Can’t wait for summer 😵😵😵@chris_wing


We need more airbus aircraft like the a350. Theres too many boeing aircraft and GA aircraft shouldve been added ages ago. Because global is coming, we want to fly long 5 hour plus flights with new airbus aircraft not 2 hour flights in one region with a small single prop engine old plane.


Totally agree with u I don’t understand y the are so many Boeing plane rather than Airbus… Or maybe its because infinite flight is American made?😯😬


haha yh. Ive been seeing alot of boeing pictures on their instagram too. Even if they hate airbus, there are people he who love the company


I disagree. With global coming, there are so many new, amazing places to explore. The best way to explore somewhere up close is GA flying. The A350 is similar to a lot of the other commercial airliners.

Whilst I like everybody would love to see the A350, there’s already more than enough jets. Why not go for something different?


Come to think of this I think we voted for the MD/DC rather than a350…so to be quite sure we are responsible for what comes on the next updates…😦


We had the C-130 which wasn’t that amazing. With a company though like FDS it make sense to introduce what the majority want rather then the few and personally I think we have enough GA. As a minimum there should be a rework on the existing jets we currently have before new GA aircraft in my honest opinion, the only decent Airbus to fly is the A320 family.


ok then. Just please, the next time a vote comes up can the devs let the community truely pick what they want by being unbiased.


I hate to keep going off-topic here, but how can a poll be biased?


He means that the options are restricted I believe. Such as the fact the most recent one didn’t have the A350.


But this topics is based on all who want to see the a350 ,I don’t understand y u saying we should go something different… Coz to my understanding the a350 is something different…@NEO


I mean that because devolopers are in favour of one feature people tend to pick that one.

Back on topic


It doesn’t really need to, it didn’t win last time, and a new pool of aircraft were used in the most recent poll. If they just went by the results of the first for the next X updates, then people would moan that they were restricted to the options on the first poll only. This offers more variety.

I meant type of aircraft e,g light propeller aircraft as oppose to airliners.

That’s not they’re fault, they’re allowed to express their own preference as well. People should have their own minds and make their decisions.

Hey, I get to say that! ;) (You have a point though, let’s leave it there before Seb tells us both off)


Barely any GA mate, we need more GA


I honestly only like commercial planes🤷🏻‍♂️