Airbus A350XWB Family


Such a beautiful aircraft. I’d love to fly this around the world.


This is my favorite aircraft! Please add it to the game!


Cause we reallyyyyyyyy want it😩


So do I! I honestly think this might come some day maybe not this year maybe not next year but sometime. I hope it comes late this year or early next year.


Tooooo long I hope they surprise us with it in the global update;)



#This aircraft (or any others) will NOT be surpised on us in global. Please don’t speculate


Sorry, I haven’t read that…🙂


I would like this and 310 and 300


The a350XWB will revolutionary make infinite flight one of the best app ever created on mobile



Nice comment 😂😂 but it will because there will be fuel burn and the more economical the planes are the better and further we can fly


What is “wing sweep”?


Would Love to see the Cathay A350 on IF definitely voting!!!


It’s when a wing is swept back… For example the super dec has no wing sweep. The a350 has a wing sweep of 35°, the 320 has 25°, and the f14 has variable wing sweep. The higher the wing sweep, the faster the plane is able to travel, however they have worse low speed performance


But Delta took Contractual Delivery of it so they technically own it now.


Yeah, they own it, but they don’t operate it. The list is for operators


I have no clue what you mean by this…

EDIT: according to google it’s when the fighter jets wings go back… Or their wings push backwards but why would that happened on a plane? That sounds like the wings would brake…



The wings look like they’re gonna break off… Why would the wings be in such a position? I’ve never seen a plane with its wings like that…


Ignore forward swept but all airliners have backwards swept wings


Oh right! So it’s only jets?