Airbus A350XWB Family


how many time did you spend searching for the info and pasting or tiping this topic, very nice job mate, really like this kind of topic...
Thank you



Thanks alot for the praise. I actually was in mood to search for the specifications. Hehe


I love this plane! This is very much needed!


Hopefully this one day comes........ in IF and in real life!



It will come in IF, we just have to wait and be patient :)


This is a need and do not say it is a copy of the dreamliner the a350 is 5 inches wider and the A350 will usually seat 325 while the 787 will typically seat 290 they are not equivelant the -900ulr has a range 9700 nm which can do sydney-london direct and the 787 can only do 8200nm the a350 is a must


No worriries. The A350 is definitely a genuine aircraft. I'll explain later ;)


Ooh nice image but that was the original concept a350, and has not reached production. A quantas a350 would be greatly appreciated though


Correction: Qantas, not Quantas. Yes even airlines dont accept proper grammar! 😂


I call hax. my keyboard is terrible but the overall point is correct


No, The concept turned into the A350 we see today, and it has been approved that this concept was thrown into the shade.


Only 21 more votes everybody!


Till what? Will it magically appear on IF?


Well everybody says that when a feature request hits 200 votes it is considered for the feature additions poll.


Are you sure? Where did you find this information?


Somebody told me this awhile ago...
But now that I think about it they were banned.


Nope, not necessarily the case.


Ok, thanks for the info!


The A350 was considered on a poll but the DC10/MD11 won so that's not true at all. Vote for what you like, that's all there is to it!


Yeah true, I just hope after the crj rework the A350 is added.
But anyways back on topic.