Airbus A350XWB Family


Using that logic, then the a300 is a 707 rip off, the a380 is a 747 rip off, and the a320 a 737 rip off. Please do some research before you post comments such as this


Well... It just sort of seems like Airbus copied Boeing a bit. The noses look similar, the aircrafts are similar shaped. Other than that, thats all I've got! :)


I wasn't trying to start so Boeing-Airbus feud!I am sorry if I offended anyone! :)


pretty much all airliners are similarly shaped, a tube with wings. they just happen to share a similar shape as it is very aerodynamic,


Yeah, I guess that is true! :)


The A300 was built to compete with the 767, the 707 was built WAY before that.


OBJECTION. The a300 was a 757 competitor


Has my vote. Not a big fan of scarebus, but think this would be a nice add.


Let's not talk about the A300 and the 757, this topic is for the A350 only 🙂


Im excited for Qatar's A350-1000 ! Also , I'm excited for Singapore Airlines A350-900ULR!!


I don't know why this is not in the poll and the A330 rework


I think that the Singapore Airlines livery is the best livery on the Airbus A250! :)


Agreed, and the A350-900 is more aimed at the 787-10 series.


LOL, We are in IF not Court haha.


Yup. Had A350-800 existed, it would be a competitor for the 787-9 or -8


(Going off on a tangent)

Well wouldn't that cannibalise the sales of the A330neo? The A359 is a bigger 78J with more range while the A35K is basically a new 77W.

The modern Airbus range is basically managing to fill up all of the current markets, from the A321neoLR which mostly solves the problem with the 752 replacements to the A330-800/900 then the A350-900/1000. The only gap is between the A35K and the A388, which however cannot be considered much of a gap considering that the 748 fills it, and we all know how much it's sold...

Anyways, it would be good to see the A350 in IF, as much as I would like to see a A330 rework and a A330neo.


A350 itself actually targets the same market as A330neo. Had A350-800 existed, it would be hard to find a customer for either A330-900neo or A330-800neo.


In her recent Live Streams on Instagram, Laura has stated multiple, multiple times that the A350 will not be coming to Infinite Flight in the near future as we have the 787, and both aircraft are very similar. If there was high demand for it at the time of the 787 being developed, it might've been implemented then, like the MD-11 and DC-10 update.


The A350 to the 787 is as similar as an E Class is to a 5 Series. They're different, they're most certainly not the same, but they're similar


Wrong!! More like the E Class compared to the S Class. The visual appearance to some may be similar but ones larger and is designed to compete with a different plane