Airbus A350XWB Family


But A330neo’s failed. Most Airlines chosed the A350 program.


Of course they did the A330neo received a couple advancements (new engines, winglets, updated cockpit), but it’s still the same design of the “old” A330. The A350 is completely new designed and has a significantly lower fuel burn, the cabin is also top notch.


Nope is not.

Sources: Wikipedia.

  • First, the B777 is an older aircraft compared to the A350. The B777 main rival were supposed to be two other main Airbus older products as well: the A330 and the A340.

  • Second, the main rival of the A350 is the B787 Dreamliner which got almost same modern technology combination and it is a bi-engine aircraft category as well.

  • Third, we can all confirm that an Airbus product has always been versus another specific Boeing product, so, yes, we can call the B777 like an un-direct competitor versus the 350XWB but not as the MAIN rival or something like (example: an A380 is originally versus a B747, but because some circumstances, people could say that the the A340 too is versus the B747 because it has four engines, long range capacities, ecc.)


Technology is one point, capacity wise the A350 sits somewhere between the 787 and 777. The 787-9 carries 290 PAX in two class configuration, the A350-900 315.
The 787-10 330, the A350-1000 369.
The B77W comes along with 395 and the 777-9 will have even more.
(numbers are taken from Wikipedia).
The 787-8 in the other hand is more likely targeted by the A330 and A330neo what makes the A350-800 appearing unnecessary, especially since Airbus has increased the range of the A330 multiple times.


@Joel You should not make a comparison on aircraft types just by the seat capacity, but in general…

Anyway, i will get back on topic.
Hoping to see the A350 soon implemented. Keep the great work done, developers.


I think this is the time that the 350 family should be in this simulator


The devs have to get accurate physics, measurements, models, everything. Planes aren’t something they can create every month, especially something like the A350 Family. I know I’m dying for the A350’s to come out, but we just have to be patient :)


If people keep on posting topics about the A350 The developers will just keep on pushing the A350 until people stop asking.


Could those of you who are taking about which plane competes against who please take it over to a PM, thanks. Try to keep this A350 related and not a discussion about 777 completes against A330 which is up against B787, like no thank you, not here please :)

And DO NOT please ask about the A350 to be released now, DON’T question why is isn’t here, and DON’T start making predictions that it will come today, tomorrow or soon. There are no confirmations whatsoever, so have patience and don’t spread false rumors.

Many of these I’ve things i just stated has not been mentioned here so far, but to give you guys a heads up/forewarning so you don’t make a misstake in asking these type of questions.

Thank You for you Cooperation, and keep having patience 😊


Airbus Revealed the new Airbus A350 China Airlines Special Livery


This is SO DETAILED!!! You did an amazing job here, the A350 would be a wonderful addition to IF!


Looks fantastic with the new carbon color than the original black carbon color.


Yeah I agree, that livery is so stunning!!!


Probably one the best liveries I have seen so far!


Both of course! I wouldn’t take the time to vote for such a feature if it wasn’t aimed at improving the simulator.


I am in love with that tail design



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I think we need A350, but we do not need new liveries. But sure you are absolutely right about improving IF’s physics and working on those little details like flap speed limits etc.


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In fact, only 7 days are necessary.