Airbus A350XWB Family


You basically answer yourself.

I’m not denying that there is demand for GA on the IFC. Its just so disproportionately represented, because majority of the people here still want airliners. Besides, giving us the CRJ is missing the demand entirely.

Bringing the convo back to A350, just because we don’t get what we want all the time doesn’t mean that we can’t fight for what we want. Even if FDS refuses, we can still say that we have given our input and let our voices be heard, so the blame wouldn’t be “you didn’t fight for it enough”.


Now that you mention it…

xD but c’mon guys, we are going to get this thread shut down like countless others by the mods. They’re like sharks smelling blood when they see off topics.


”If you love something let it go, if it comes back it loved you after all.”

I am not a big fan of the A350, but I would like to see it in the Simulator sometime after all the other eye-sores are diminished.

GA and Military are hidden markets, and honestly there are immeasurable gaps between what both of these markets are capable of. I would like to see these worked on first - As well as updating the current fleet to the standard FDS have accomplished successfully.

Although it might be a big blow to all you future commercial aviators, and I grieve for the fact that you used up votes to show what should be next. The voting system isn’t all about showing what is next, it is to give an idea on what the people say… and so far it has been all airliners. So of course they had to change the game. We need variety!

I reckon we should stop annoying FDS and let them work on other things - which could be surprising in many forms. Let’s just wait. I mean, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The A350 will come eventually, and when it does I can just imagine the training server and it’s peanuts, I can also understand the income that FDS will make would be massive… but for now let’s just wait our turn! ;-)

”Good things happen to those who wait!”

B777fan, out!


Uh guys cmon now

Stick to these guidelines and we can all be happy, we are not trying to start a revolution here


@Slay - what are you talking about? You’re not making any sense.


I would love to see the A350 in game 😍


They have probably already delayed the A350 by more or less 50 years now guys, you can move on, stop wasting votes on something the top dogs have no interest in.

Why havent IF introduced the Airbus 350-900 yet?

They clearly are. Pretty much all the Airbus aircraft in the game need a dire rework except for the A320 family. Whereas, most of the Boeing aircraft are relatively new or don’t need a rework.

Just fly with the A330, A340, A380 then fly with the reworked 777 family or relatively new B787 family and you will see what I mean.


I find it totally inappropriate that FDS is dismissing this idea as they are suppose to fulfill what we as a community want to see. Like while yes, you guys developed this game, the community should be the driving factor to what content comes out, not what the developers want to see. And if we have too many airliners, why did you keep deciding to create new ones when there was a clear interest from other people for different types of aircraft???


Well thanks for your…opinions. Well reasoned and insightful, I’m sure your comments will move mountains.


I agree completely, sometimes i think it slips their mind that we are paying customer,annoying ones, yes but still. Without these paying customers there is no Infinite Flight.


Guys, i think some of you are too new to know this. But too those of you saying the community had no voice in deciding the new content:

  • The MD-11/DC-10 addition were choosed by you.. It actually won over the A350 which were in the same poll.
  • The CRJ rework were choosed by you.

No, it wasn’t done via #features. It was done in separate Poll topics in #general. But before expressing your opinions and saying FDS doesn’t care. Know this.


We understand that and no one said we didn’t have a say. We are just saying that they shouldn’t dismiss a request so quickly just because they don’t want to do it considering we pay a good amount of money to play this game monthly. It would be nice if they weren’t so unprofessional about it and would rather offer an explanation.


I’m going out on a limb and guessing you do not, in fact, operate a profit generating business enterprise.


I’m guessing you don’t know either because the consumer should be a business’ number 1 priority. Not themselves.


Sure kid, sure. It’s their business and they get to decide how to operate, not you. You’re not going to like this but your opinion doesn’t dictate policy.


@Jake_McCabe @Bfinley1255 Take this to PM.

Edit - Whoops, I accidentally replied to schyllberg on accident.


This is ridiculous. As @schyllberg said. We chose the MD-11, we chose the CRJs. But you guys can’t understand that. You are acting like 2 siblings fighting over the last piece of pizza. I suggest you all drop this discussion so we can all avoid this thread being closed.


Sorry that I was explaining how a business should conduct itself towards the consumer. As he did say, we chose the MD-11 and CRJ but what he said was that we said we had no say which was totally incorrect.


Take this from one who have been working directly towards customers both within sales & support for 10+ years. That’s the biggest lie ever, and nobody believes that anymore. Probably conjured up in the 50’s or smth.