Airbus A350XWB Family


I have to disagree with this post and this post only… “drop the a350 discussion” was used in an entirely different context than now. As far as anyone should be concerned, this very feature request should be one of the only places on the forum where the a350 is actually discussed. Even if it isn’t coming anytime soon, we still have a right to discuss it.

I don’t necessarily like the a350 but if it’s what the community wants, it’s what the community wants.


We’ve already expressed our emotions, so we don’t need to post more about how they aren’t doing the A350. It’s my favorite plane, but I’m not getting angry about it.


I’m not saying that people should stop discussing about this plane. As I would love to have it in the game as well. But… now people are taking this feature request and saying/speculating that it will be the next update. There’s a fine line between discussion and speculation. And obviously people can’t stay on the right side of the line.


Lol I don’t understand when they said that the A350 is basically the 787…cuz it’s not.
Anyways, as much as I like the 350, I don’t mind the fact that it won’t be coming for a while. Just enjoy what we’ve got so far 😎


If it came out sooner the 787 would have some competiotn not saying that I dont love the 787 though.


If it was to come it would come after the CRJ Rework as that’s what the devs are working on. Sorry but could not find the poll but I remember it was after the C130 update and when the DC10 & MD11 were confirmed,


Well, here you have your statement. And personally, I agree with him.
Let‘s see what the future brings.

Source: IFFG Facebook


Why havent IF introduced the Airbus 350-900 yet?

I noticed alot of people are saying to “stop talking about the A350”. This is a A350 thread, if you don’t want to talk about it, then why are you here?


Interesting statement indeed.
So they purposely keep delaying it, knowing it is the most voted feature request?
And here I thought the devs were listening to the community, haha. :-D


I think there has been enough arguing now :)

This is a feature request. And it has veered way off topic. The discussion whether or not the plane is coming should stop. It was great to see people’s opinions but now it needs to stop. Feature requests are for the following.

  1. Discussing the features of this plane in real life

  2. Saying how much of an amazing plane this is.

  3. Voting to show that it is something the community wants.

  4. The only place this plane should be discussed. Discussion of the A350 has been seen in many other threads where the mods have had to intervene.

Feature requests aren’t for the following.

  1. Speculating when it will come to IF

  2. Complaining that the plane won’t be coming anytime soon

Please take these guidelines into consideration before you post. Thanks!


I like the A350 Family to much. I gave you my vote!

Hopefully it will be implemented in the sim!


after all guys, we shouldn’t forget that it’s ONLY a game !
there’s no need to worry about add this one finally : ) : )
the best way to enjoy it, it’s to become pilot on it


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If you’re not interested in this feature request, treat it like the other 100s of requests and simply ignore this whole thread. Mute it, anyway it doesn’t appeal to you.

If you’re not interested, don’t post here, especially complaining about our comments on the A350. You’re the one whining at that point, so referring to us as “whining” is hypocrisy. Just want to highlight that all the off topic posts here have been from people disinterested in the feature, and simply posting to silence the thread.

I also want to highlight that it is especially because of the fact that FDS is reluctant to add the A350 into IF that we are making a fuss about it. Think about it: if you already knew the CRJ is coming, why would you need to bother FDS about it anymore?


It’s quite a shame to see that not a single moderator called out the developers for rescinding on their word they made to the community. Not a single one of them saw nothing wrong with the developers ignoring a overwhelming number of people voting for a feature. I often thought that this forum was guided by tolerance and mutual respect but i guess I was mistaken.


It is interesting that they decided to implement the CRJ instead of the A350. Their reasoning was that it was similar to the 787. Another thing I thought of is that there really isn’t any data on the A350 yet even though that can be said for the 787-10, not a lot of data means the aircraft won’t be as accurate. I really hope they’re not playing favorites with Boeing though.


What do the moderators have to do with ‘calling out the developers’? Their job is to moderate the forum and to keep it a peaceful place. What you’re calling them to do would be counterintuitive.

By the way, the A330 was at one point voted higher than the A350. The A350 only recently surpassed the A330 a couple months back. Not everyone gets what they want. Personally, I’d like to see more GA in the game. At the end of the day, we should be lucky they even let the community vote for aircrafts they’d like to see. At the end of the day its FDS’s call. Moderators aren’t to blame.

If this bickering continues, I doubt they’ll give us the option again.


And that’s the way the cookie crumbles… Welcome to life! It is often a tough world out there. We can’t have everything in life. Though I wish I had all of the money in the world that way I wouldn’t have to worry about finances. But unfortunately that’s not how things work.

Besides, look at it this way. The developers never promised the A350. You said it yourself. You were mistaken. We (the community) can now move on to better things that would further enhance the Infinite Flight experience.