Airbus A350XWB Family


Or before the DC10/MD11 update........😉😉😉


It seems unlikely as they have started the works on MD-11s now. But maybe the developers might include A359 on the MD-11 Update? Who knows?


You have my vote! I love the A350, it'd be great to see it in the game. Good luck! :)


Soon at 100 votes. Let's see if this can reach as high as the 330 rework.


I hope so! I would be more happy to see this type in the future ❤


If only all feature requests were as in depth as this one...

Nice proposal @SingaporeAirlines , you have my vote.


Thanks Reedgreat. I promise I would put my effort more on my next requests 😊

(Sorry that I don't have an enough like at the moment)


Calm down dude(s), now, I think it's the time to ask:

  • Airbus A330 family
  • Airbus A350 family


Votes are public.

@SingaporeAirlines if you don't like this poll, tell me ;)


Don't worry about it. I am honestly okay with polls 😄


Wow such a beautiful plane 🛫


Yup! It would be a nice addition to the Infinite Flight

77 A350-900s has been delivered to 11 different carriers in the world as 22th April 2017

  • Qatar Airways
  • Finnair
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • LATAM Brazil
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Thai Airways
  • China Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Air Caraibes


I feel they should add the a400m or just the a300, the first flight of Airbus


Airbus A400M would be a nice addition for militaries in Airbus Family ❤. The original A300 would also be a nice addition to Infinite Flight too ❤


With Asiana Airlines accepting their first A350-900 and more A350s (Including Airbus A350-1000) that are going to be delivered before Semester 1, I think this will add more oppotrtunity for Airbus A350 Family liveries =)


The a310 was the evo of the a300 I'm sure they will both be added at the same time but right now Concorde, MD11/DC10, and A350 are the overwhelming majority of support right now.


Concorde would be amazing


This is having 111 while A330 has 212 difference of 101 we need to cover to make it the top vote at your full power


Still need around 100 votes to beat A330 which is impossible to me. I would love to see this alongside some props ❤


Yay, a earopean copy of the 787... nop, not gonna vote for that, sorry


Actually, not 100% copy. They have different size, different cockpit, different nose, diffirent wings, etc. Yet both are made at almost the same time and made from Carbon-Fibre. So I can't call A350 as a copy 😉

For your info, A350 was designed to compete with 777. While 787 was designed to compete with A330 😉