Airbus A350XWB Family


This is very fastly catching up to the A330 rework maybe we will see this and the A330 rework in a future aircraft poll and that will be the final judgement of what aircraft is the better one.


I just used my last vote on this,

I full on support this add on!


The United States at any time to show off the freedom of speech to the world, then why delete my reply?


It really annoys me when I see livery requests of the A350 splitting the votes. It’s like a guy buying a dress for a girlfriend when he hasn’t even started dating yet!


I already voted…hehe guess Perry Mason has no reason to confront me :)


These are all the possible liveries in alphabetical order:
Aer lingus
Afrqiyah airways
Air caraibes
Air china
Air France
Air lease corporation
Air Mauritius
Air Asia x
American Airlines
Asiana airlines
Cathay pacific
China airlines
China eastern airlines
China southern airlines
Cit group
Delta airlines
Ethiopian airlines
Etihad airways
French blue
Hong Kong airlines
Japan airlines
Kuwait airways
Libyan airlines
Malaysia airlines
Philippine airlines
Singapore airlines
Srilankan airlines
Synergy aerospace
Thai airways
Vietnam airlines


Air caraibes
Air lease corporation
Asiana airlines
British airways
Cathay pacific
Etihad airways
Iran air
Japan airlines
Virgin Atlantic


What about the ULH or ACJ?


I didn’t include those ones. But these are all the liveries so pretty much the same except the acj.


Looks like Eurowings may possibly get an a350! I apologize about the article being in German. I couldn’t find an English version.


That sounds like a good news to me! Another possible operator of A350 ;)


I would die without the ACJ


China Airlines’ A350 is cool, I like it!


TAP’s order was canceled and they replaced the a350 for the a330-900 neo


Are you sure I haven’t seen anything about it?


The CEO announced it, and you can check it in wikipedia if you search for the a350 orders. However i would rather that they actually get the a350


Well this might be added (fingers crossed it does) I already planned out some routes I want to use with my a350 XWB.


And those were just at the top of my head.


If you are expecting the A350 to come with Global you are most likely wrong.


I was just looking at the aircraft poll results from December last year and I think it is more than likely that if the A350xwb family is in an official aircraft poll it might win.


I never said it will come with Global. I meant later on in the future. I did not mention anything about Global


Delta 😍 so want this! Awesome edit & fantastic feature request! Thanks for sharing this edited pic.