Airbus A350XWB Family


For the sake of not having to listen to a dying cat, I want the same flap sounds. (And also save FDS time.)


Yeah, it saves FDS some time. But, IF is centered around realism. Even if that realism is a dying cat.


Firstly, it sounds nothing like a dying cat… Secondly, the noise generated by the flaps in real life is similar on a lot of planes and is something so minor people might not even notice when flying anyway. Some people, like me don’t even use the sounds when they fly.

I’d rather they spent time making the A350 than adding noises for flaps.


Yeah I agree. The flap noise was just a suggestion.

WE ARE NEAR THE 300 VOTES MARK PEOPLE! JUST 5 MORE TO GO! Don’t let this topic be closed.


Incorrect. We have polls for all aircraft incoming or atleast info if no poll happens (unlikely)


Isn’t that exactly what I said?


You said it was the First poll. But it wasn’t. I might of got you wrong but anyway lets get back on topic.


This is more likely to NEVER happen ,but what if the a350 was the first aircraft to have the Airbus radio altimeter? That would be some nice realism. But that…is for another day.


Am I crazy, or is this missing eight votes? Plz let this be added. Global won’t be the same without the a350…😢😭😭


Come one fellow IF players let’s show how much we love the A350 fam and vote for them


I’m sure A350 will be added soon 😉. Just a matter of time


I would like this after an a330/40 rework.


United A350-900


Nice plug right there!


Two more votes until 300!


Now just one more vote! Nice job @SingaporeAirlines for creating a feature request with this remarkable amount of votes.


I just added the 300th Vote. Hope that this can come to the simulator 😉


I hope it can also, I’m not a airbus fan but man, is the a350 growing on me.


I was the 299th lmao 😂


I am so Happy to see this get 300 votes! And I am the 300th comment. This just shows that many people want this aircraft. I would be overjoyed to have it in Infinite Flight. Its my favourite Airbus, and im not even an Airbus fanatic!