Airbus A350XWB Family


Yeah. I don’t think Airbus would build a plane that has only 8 orders. But in a way the a350-8 would be great for 767 operators. It carries 280 in a 3 class layout, so its like a 767.


They didn’t build it because it would have too much competition with the A330NEO 767 operators are looking at smaller 787s and A330s


I just don’t see why airlines wouldn’t want an a350-800 IMHO


I wish I could use ALL my votes on this. In my opinion, that is the best looking airplane. The A350 is absolutely amazing!


Has the Boeing 787 had a poll?


The MD11/DC10 was the first aircraft to be voted for in a poll.


So back then, we didn’t have a choice on what aircraft would be added?


Yeah, MD11/DC10 was the first poll. Hopefully they do them from now on.


I would like to see him in the game, he’s very smart


I think so. Btw your english was spot on :D


Im sorry but what is the a350j? Is it the -1000?


Yep. Like the 787-10 is called the 787J


It’s the private jet version - Boeing have BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) and Airbus have ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jet). The A350J is the A350 ACJ


No it’s not the 787-10 is called the 781. 78J doesn’t mean anything


Oh ok. I thought certain aircraft were given that name when it has a big size.



C130j = C130 business prop :O


I understand what you mean - J stands for the super weight category but as that is only for the A380 and AN225 it doesn’t count fro most aircraft


Oh thanks dude. I didn’t even know that until now. Like they say, You learn something new everyday.


Those flaps really make a quite loud sound when retracting/deploying…my God.


For the Sake of Realism! I don’t want the a350 flap sound to be identical with the 737.