Airbus A350XWB Family


DAL’s first revenue flights are out of KDTW with the A350


Imagine if the a350 got the real flap sound (0:41)(1:33)


I never knew the a350 had a different flap sound, and to be honest, it’s more annoying than any others I’ve heard. I know it’s more realistic to have this, but the sound is just awful. Then again, it’s not like I’d be retracting them every two seconds, so idk…


Yeah it sounds annoying a little but that mighty engine roar will cancel it out. 😉😉😉


I can’t imagine that being too hard to record, a dying cat should do the trick


I would die to have that flap sound! :)


LOL🤣🤣😂 damn A dying cat would be a great substitution. Although the real flap sound would be more realistic as every plane in IF has the same flap sound.


Every plane in IF doesn’t just have the same flap sound, they have the same sound for everything


A350 and A380 flaps are very unique in my opinion. I just love their huge flaps noise!


I personally prefer the engine sound when it comes to aircraft in general but A350 wise definitely the flaps


I’d be very sad if this didn’t come with the A350J


Well if its the a350FAMILY then the a350J will be added. The 787-10 was added and it didn’t even fly at the time when it was added so the a350J will definitely be added.


All I heard was music


Sorry the person edited it so you wont hear it.


This aircraft has to come soon, 787 needs competition from airbus’s side


Why is that so? If a Boeing or Airbus plane is added, does the rival aircraft need to be added?

That’s like saying if the 737MAX gets added we would NEED the a320NEO or CS300 or 700


Come on people, we are nearing the 300 Votes! If this gets added imagine the flights we could do! The beautiful liveries it would come with, AND the features it might possibly come with (Wing flex, Gear tilt, 3D cockpit, 4K quality). How can you not want this?(I respect your opinion still) This aircraft is the most Beautiful Airbus Aircraft I have ever seen IMHO.


  1. QATAR

  2. DELTA



If this gets added my first route will be Singapore to SFO. AHH I WANT THIS SOOO BAD!!

EDIT I found a video demonstrating the flap sound. It would be a nice touch to it (11:15) You can also see the wing flex in that time period


Wasn’t the A350 already confirmed in that poll from some time ago (where the MD11/DC10 was chosen first) - and before the CRJ Family?


No, the MD11/DC10 won. Then the CRJ won. If you want to vote for the A350 on the next poll, vote for it! Don’t speculate and think it is coming. From the information we know now it isn’t anytime soon.


Technically, wouldn’t the phrasing be “will never be built?” It hasn’t been formally cancelled as a project by Airbus, and although it will most likely never be built, it technically hasn’t been built. The age of the A358 is not over yet – it hasn’t even begun.