Airbus A350XWB Family


possible ideas if the A350 XWB is added to IF

delivered A350-900
Air Caribies
Asiana Airlines
Cathay Pacific
China Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines
French Blue
LATAM Brasil
Qatar Airways
Singapore Airlines
Thai Airways
Vietnam Airlines

Pending A350-900 deliveries
Aer Lingus
Afriqyah Airlines
Air China
Air France
Air Marititus
Air Asia X
American Airlines
China Eastern Airlines
China Southern Airlines
Delta Airlines
Ethiad Airways
Hong Kong Airlines
Iran Air
Japan Airlines
Kuwait Airways
Libyan Airlines
Philippine Airlines
Sri Lankan Airlines

Cancelled A350-900 orders
United Airlines


Pending A350-1000 deliveries
Air Caribies
Asiana Airlines
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
Ethiad Airways
Iran Air
Japan Airlines
LATAM Brasil
Qatar Airways
United Airlines
Virgin Atlantic

Cancelled A350-1000 deliveries

Possible Features
Wing flex
Truck Tillt
3D cockpit
Tail lights
Real Wing tip
3D interior

This was just to show all of you guys what you could see if the A350 XWB was to come out ;)


@AllegiantAir Where did you find that information? If you could just put the source as I would like to read up more about a350 deliveries. Also I believe your autocorrect kicked in, but you spelled Lufthansa Luftsanta 😂


You can find that information with a quick google search, I think It is just Wikipedia


Ya it is here is the link @Moosehead08


Guaranteed as all new planes have it

Guaranteed as all planes have it

Guaranteed as all planes have it


Guaranteed as all new planes have it

Not a priority as you can’t go into the plane


No but there isn’t much point listing features we are pretty much guaranteed to get…


True, I guess what about these though

First officer
Truck (gear tilt)
Opening Cargo/Passenger doors
Boarding music (would kinda be cool)

And I meant Logo Light not tail light my bad


Since when has boarding music been confirmed for anything? And wouldn’t they add it to all non mil/ga aircraft instead of just the A350?


Just ideas if the A350 XWB is confirmed


Just download infinite passengers it connects to infinite flight and depending on what you do during the flight the app reacts, it plays boarding music and safety video while yu taxi


And at the end of your flight it gives you a score on how comfortable your flight was


This would be the GREATEST addition to the game after global. I cant wait to fly a Cathay Pacific flight CX117 from Hong Kong to Auckland approximately 10 hours 30 minutes. I got inspired from this video

Credit to Paul Stewart on YouTube


I don’t mean to compare both, I just happened to choose the 787 as an example…


WTF ?? We won’t be able to vote for the next one ?


Another vote was held and the CRJ won.


Guaranteed as all planes have it 3D cockpit Not all the planes have it like the Super Declathon doesn’t have one


All planes except the C-17, Super Decathlon, Spitfire if you want to be picky


But those are also the oldest aircraft, if the A350 got added it would be the newest, so it would absolutely have the 3D cockpit.


I know isn’t I mentioned that everyone have the own favorite aircraft, iam guessing u are a Boeing fun…?


Can’t have a plane without liveries.