Airbus A350XWB Family


But lack of Airbus with decent quality still. Honestly some GAs are better to fly than A330’s or A340’s imho


You clearly havent read my entire comment. Please read it fully before changing my words


Ye the 340 and 330 are utter garbage - I’m not a huge a330 fan, it’s nice, but I’d love a reworked a340


I think FDS in 2018 should just do polls for Airbus aircraft rather it is a rework or a new addition. That way Airbus aircraft are up to date and a dream to fly like the 787.


Sorry, but it’s your grammar mistake not mine, I just read it correctly.

A350 in delta colours is ❤, that and the BA one would make me happy


Enough of the off-topic conversation, all further comments should be meaningful and regarding the A350.


Yes, if the A350 got confirmed the BA -1000 would be a feature request from me.


This feature has done amazing on the community! 215 votes in less than half a year! That is amazing!


I’m sorry but I don’t think a plane will make it the best in general, For example the 787 was added, nothing happened so I’m not sure about that…


I believe the correct answer will be you can’t compere 787with a350XWB for example everyone have their own favourite aircraft and my one is Airbus… So that’s y the 787doesn’t do it for me…but u have point though and i totally agree with @flawless_fying


Probably the next that will be out after DC10/MD11


I had a dream last night that I was flying the A350 in infinite flight and oh my god it was amazing to fly! We need wing flex and gear (truck) tilt and it would be awesome to have this maybe next year!


CRJ is the next plane after the MD-11 I’m afraid.


People have dreams about this game?😭


Apparently people dream about IF. As nice as that is, and it shows your appreciation, it’s also kinda creepy and you might want to seek medical help.

Also, can we please stop saying that the a350 is a 787 copy because I’m sick of seeing those words in the same sentence. I am very able and more than happy to explain the 350, it’s production methods and performance to you but please stop stabbing me in the chest. It really hurts.
back on topic


I saw it irl and i6s a mice plane but in my opinion the 787 is better


787 and A350 are two different type of planes as 787 targets customers that needs less capacity (From 767 Family until 777-200ER). While A350 targets customers that needs higher capacity than 787 (Direct Rival to 777 Family) 😉


I thought the A350 was the competitor to the 787 not the B777?


The A350 was designed to compete with 777 (A350-900 for 777-200ER while A350-1000 for 777-300ER). But both 787 and A350 are designed with the Carbon Fibre material which is revolutionary to the aviation world and more fuel efficient engines and design. Despite the fact that it was designed to compete with 777, The A350 was Airbus’ reaction to the 787


The Airbus a350:

Airbus originally intended to develop an aircraft called the a330-200Lite, a minimum change aircraft that made use of better engines and composite materials, specifically to counter the Boeing 777. This rather halfhearted proposal received lukewarm reception.
No details of the improved a330 were published until the 10th of December, 2004. This was when EADS and BAE systems have Airbus authorisation to offer a further developed project called the a350. It was specifically intended to counter the new boeing 7E7 (later restyled as 787 dreamliner) and was to be powered by either the rolls Royce Trent 1000 or the GEnx.
At the Paris airshow in 2005 Airbus revealed the a350 stats and 787 comparison. It announced two versions, the a350-800, to carry 253 passengers up to 8800nm, and the a350-900 to carry 300 passengers 7500nm. Both versions had a MTOW of 540000lbs, and both were to be powered by GEnx engines (although due to issues with general electric they were switched to the Trent 1000).
Besides the new engines, this was still an a330, which could have stayed as the a350 we see today. After the aircraft was subject to scathing criticism, Airbus listened to the market, creating the a350XWB.
Airbus offered a third version, the a350-1000 stretched to make room for 412 passengers. By late 2007 Airbus had further added proposals for the ultra long range a350-900R, the a350-900F freighter and the luxurious a350-XWB Prestige.
Due to issues with general electric being unwilling to offer an engine to match the a350, Airbus switched to rolls Royce who offered them a specifically tailored Trent 100, to be renamed TrentXWB offering thrust levels from 75000lb to 95000lb.
Airbus calculated that the airframe would be 55% metal and 45% composites, which was later changes to 52% composites, consisting of Al-Li Ti and steel. The wing had an aspect ratio of 11.5, the highest on a commercial airliner, a multifunctional flap and spoiler system which lead on from the variable camber tests on the a340.
The original cockpit design features 4 windows howecer this was changed to the 6 we see today. The multifunction displays and instruments are the most advanced found in a civil airline today, with the a350 being therefore one of, if not the most, advanced airliners today.