Airbus A340 Family Rework


I am having trouble anding the a340-600, any ideas?
It keeps pointing nose down and flying low above the runway!
it is so annoying!


This is because the current A340 is an older model with older physics and if you want FDS To do a rework on A340 then vote on this request


Yea i think A340 and A330 needs a rework, I really looking forward to fly “hair dryer engine”


i voted for it.


There should really be delta a340


We need the TAP A340-200 for sure!


Man, Delta dont even run A340s!!!


They should, maybe IF could be futuristic!


By “futuristic” do you mean fictional? Because the A340 is an old aircraft and could never see Delta even think about purchasing that type of aircraft. Especially when they recently retired all of their 747’s.


If Boeing ever makes a 797, i wonder what it would look like, maybe a mix of 787,777 and a350?


It’s not my picture

So beautiful <3


I don’t think that Boeing would use airbus aircraft.


Can’t forget the Aerolíneas Argentinas A340-200:


lol, i was going just to add the same one. ARSA 340200 is missing


in fact, that same plane ZPJ, is the one my dad done his last comercial flight Miami Buenos Aires, that is my profile pic


Yeah- I love Aerolíneas- I took to Salta and Iguazú from Buenos Aires when we went a few years ago. Next year, we’re probably going to take Aerolíneas from Buenos Aires to JFK- can’t wait for that- I have always wanted to take Aerolíneas long haul.


Eurowings A340-300, anyone?

Photo Credit: Eurowings


Can’t have an aircraft without a paint scheme:


The SAS livery for the -300 suits it really well.


I like to see the Sri lankas A340-300 on IF.