Airbus A340 Family Rework


I would be willing to pay an extra fee to get this entire family of aircraft. Or at least the A340-300 in the 787-level of detail.
You can see my all-time favorite aircraft-livery in my profile background image.
(The picture is mine by the way. Yes, lucky enough to have seen it several times IRL.)


Would be nice to see this iconic long hauler reworked along with the a330 whenever that happens.


Aerolíneas is one we cannot go without


Yes much needed I think we can just say any a300 aircaft could


So needed! Too bad I didn’t have any more votes would have given one. Hopefully they do this in the near future.


Damn… I just hope they can add A340-300 and remove the 747-200 instead…
I wish I could fly with A340-300 Swizz and China Airlines…



Photo Credit: AX345-B7

Airbus A340-300

Time for A340

Azerbaijcan A340-500 Credit to AktugAtes


I do not ask them to add the whole family of the A340, but only of them to do the rework of the A346 and enrich it with some more liveries, would already be of good size, since the necessity of rework of the A340-600.


I think we also need the Skyteam Aerolíneas Argentinas A340-300

And the Skyteam China Eastern A340-600


A340 300 is needed at least.


What I meant was that adding new aircraft can be difficult, although there is a certain need, but that the rework is done on the aircraft that is already present in the IF, that’s all. But I agree with you. There are pilots who like the other versions of the A340, so being able to add, why not? ☺️


I think they should add TAM Airlines A340-500 too


Just a reminder , This is not a Livery requesting thread , please request liviries separately, Thanks


Why is everybody voting for the a330 rework?

The a340 does need the rework as much as the a330 and many other aircraft already in the game.


If only they could update A330 and the A340 at once…


I think a rework of both would be epic. The A330 and A340 in all varieties are great aircraft.
With a world of liveries and different types it would really add more life to the Airbus fleet!


This should be combined with an eventuell a330-rework


I would love to see the Edelweiss, Swiss and Eurowings livery for the -300 variant too.
Great request!


The A340 is my favorite wide body to fly in IF, I would love to see the flight deck get updated with illuminated instruments & lit exterior windows.