Airbus A340 Family Rework


I totally agree! This needs to be reworked! :)


Does this mean if the are reworking the airbus family,will have wingflex and working instruments?. Or is just only the graphic of plane?and the quality of planes?


Wing flex is kinda the standard now for IF - working instruments jumps a little into the future


Neh but it would be cool though to c instruments working don’t think?


YES! And don’t forget the Cathay Pacific and Hainan Airlines A340-600s!


Both carriers have retired their 346s unfortunately. Still nice to have thou

Anyway, I’m still looking forward for this alongside A330 Rework and A350 ❤


Interestingly, the Hainan A346s were ex-Cathay birds.


I like this idea, but I don’t think we need every single variant. I would say it be limited to the A340-300, as it has the most liveries, and the A340-600, as it’s the newest model.


I generally just want those small engines along with the wingflex, now that side-rear angle is one I want to see.


Led not forget about wheel tilting too I would like to see that too and the widow view must be made more realistic too like


That is an A380…


We do need that A340-300, the sabena blue livery just looks amazing and not only on the aircraft!


Couldn’t agree more ;)


Love the a340! Wanna fly this LFPG-TNCM in global, but it really needs a rework.


Yes we really need better Airbus Aircraft including the A330, A340 and A380 and a new A350(with the -800, -900 and -1000. The Dreamlinder has all of them so why not the A350?) The only good Airbus Aircraft is the A320 family, and we have enough Boeings now compared to the Airbus planes.


Don’t get me wrong, I like Boeing too!


Yes that’s an a380 window view but I want to make a point of what iam talking about when I said window view extension…


good idea
i can’t vote for the moment


Im all for this!!! Hopefully this gets added!


Livery requests are posted separately in #features and Iberia A340 has already been requested here

You can vote for it if you want it