Airbus A330 Rework


And hopefully the -200 as it’s in service at quite a few airlines in double digits.


The -200 will allow a lot of longer range routes to open up!


No, I didnt forget Northwest :) I also want the NW livery on the a330 rework


this livery is missing a lot for the route Guarulhos to Madrid


I can’t imagine seeing the wingflex for this aircraft in Infinite Flight. It would be amazing!! Definitely voted.


I‘m so excited for this when the fanblades aren’t just a flat objects anymore and we get a 3D cockpit which illuminates at night.


We really need this rework.😀


Yes, yes we do @IFMG.


840 votes is too many votes to ignore, this update needs to be priortized, instead of adding aircraft (as much as we want it), update aircraft that lack proper physics, and 4K textures (cough, A380, 747s, 777’s, 767, 757, 737, 717, A340 cough, cough, cough, cough, cough ) sorry about the coughs, I have a fever…


I agree @KingWings , i think aircraft in IF should be brought to a certain level/standard before adding any other planes with the A330 being the first and as your coughs explained a whole lot of other planes. I don’t see the fun in new aircraft (as much) when i know there are planes in game which aren’t up to scratch and are basically unplayable (cough 757, A330 cough). I think your fever is contagious.

(Note - This is just my opinion)


This is now the most voted feature request.


I’m pretty sure it has been for a while, but all I am wanting is for this to be added soon. Buuuutttt patience is key.😔


Wait but what about cabins?

Sorry but they’re my favorite feature and always will be.👍


We will see… a cabin would be amazing but the A320 family also hasn’t received cabins with their rework and the A330 is even bigger. But maybe we get one, let’s see.


Well just a thought as the A320 has gotten wing flex and pilots, so it is very well possible for them to get a cabin. But I am not trying to speculate. :)


Besides Delta, this would actually be a livery that i would look forward to.🤤

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It looks SO good!


Yeah it truly does! One of the reasons to why I can’t wait!


Same! Love the A330 IRL, and having it in IF would be awesome!


There is already a Delta A330 livery (We need KLM, Air-France, and 200000% Northwest Livery needs to be added, …along with the new AC)