Airbus A330 Rework


To be honest, I think that they will not put any animated doors on the A330 rework because they will first have to add 3D gates.


@Georges180305 This does not make sense. So why they have already implemented animated cargo doors on the McDouglass family and passenger doors on the CRJ considering there is nothing available in 3D in the airport aprons at the moment?

Implementing the animated doors on a specific aircraft seems to require a lot of time to be done. If they are not going to implement it on some older aircraft reworks it’s because the time, not because the airport vehicles/gates missing.


Dude that’s a beauty. I want that


NWA will always be amazing ( I look at Delta’s A330 and just don’t know whether to walk away crying, or clap and whistle, like I just raised a baby bird!)!


Engine Detail (GE CF6)


Are you sure?

I would say it’s a PW version, by the tubofan look …


I think your right (😂)


The rework is definitely needed. Voted. Quoting Mark from Reddit,

We do plan to add wing to other aircraft in the fleet as well as bring all of the older ones up to the same high quality rendering and graphics as the newer aircraft.

hopefully we can see a rework of the A330 in the near future!


with so many votes for this , this definitely needs to be next rework on the list


Does anyone notice the person who created this topic is suspended?


Yeah most of us have… wonder why… wait lemme read the suspension again xD


In my opinion, this rework should’ve been prioritized before the CRJ/Airbus overhaul because the game’s current A330 and other planes are horrific to look at.

But I know the developers will get around to it probably after the GA/A10 rework comes around ;)


Maybe we get the A330 as a huge surprise in the next update… relatively unlikely but it would be pretty cool though.


That would be really nice. But I am not sure that’s going to happen… looking forward to it.


Well, FDS implemented some new stuff on the DC-10/MD-11 and CRJ family. The latter one has been a rather unpopular aircraft and probably will be so again once all aircraft are reworked, so maybe they are trying to reach highest possible standards and are testing new features before they implement it onto more popular aircraft like the A330 and others, but this is just my thought on it.


Everyone always seems to forget what NWA did for Delta, the A330’s, the new hubs, and all delta did was cancel theire 788 order, and retire their DC10’s and 742’s. Delta only kept about 75% of NWA routes, and gave little to no credit to NWA. (Please don’t flag this comment, or deem it unnecessary, I still love the A330 and want this rework,along with the NWA livery) I still love Delta, as it’s A330’s are all I have left of NWA :(


What was new for the trijet family this past update?


Not in the recent update, but when they were released (first passenger airliners with animated parts and 4K aircraft interior excluding the passenger cabin)


Only cargo hold but not a passenger deck right?


Yep, that’s correct.