Airbus A330 Rework


Qantas livery is needed.


Just a friendly reminder / heads up 🤗

If you guys really want to see a specific livery added on to the A330 family in the future when the aircraft undergoes rework then you VOTE for an existing request or make your own ONLY if you’re TL2 or higher, thanks 😉


Im with you, thinking there been started ro rework first A320 been done, hope next stage road to A330.
I have got shot a picture in Berlin/EDDT insight plane to parking from return LTFJ Istanbul.

credit:18July3 @turkish534


If we could get a inside cabin view just like the CRJ does it will truly be a beauty


That will be too much.imagine them adding or the seats and making it visible for players that’s just too much


Holy moly, over 800 votes! People gotta love the A330. I hope, when they consider it, they also consider the new model.



Guys, I think that before the A330 rework comes, we need more livery requests. Like if we could get a livery of the A330-300 to 100 votes or more, it will definitely be added to infinite flight.


Sorry can you please make that a little clear :)


I don’t think so. As I started flying IF in 2012, it was almost normal that a plane had no gear animation. Some hadn’t even had a cockpit. But look at the CRJ Series now. I have to say good job devs, and I think they will be able to configure the A330 with seats after the rework.


All I think is that the A330 will be reworked this year near the end! I figure that after the upcoming update of the CRJ and the GA aircraft it will be highly focused on. I would love to see the many wanted liveries of the A330 as well as the A330F. Lets hope we get a lot of liveries for this series because im sure we would all like that.


Definitely the liveries we have now are very limited


I think so. On Instagram, Laura has said that all the aircrats are going to be reworked with wing flex and maybe other reworked things (like happened to the A320 family very recently), but of course this would require some time to be done.


This is most likely going to be reworked next. I dont think the devs will pass on a crowd pleaser like this one ;)


Can you a send me a link to that?


@Kevin_Potthast Read this Instagram post description


Interesting read. Honestly I don’t want them to fix every aircraft but rather have them rework one then add a new one or something like that. Reworking all aircraft will take time and they will improve their technology over a few years to an extent they will need to rework everything again, I still want them to add new ones often.


Would the rework be a complete top to bottom rework like the crjs or will it be a wingflex, new liveries, landing gear animations, and done like the a320s. I wish they could do a top to bottom rework in my opinion


It should be fine. Remember when the devs said that it was hard to implement wing flex for the first time, but then after they did it for the 787 they just used that same formula for all of the aircraft now? Some wings are bigger and some are smaller. There shouldn’t be a problem with the seats. Just more of them and that’s it. After all they did say that they want to make all of their aircraft like the CRJ and better.


I am pretty sure it will be a top bottom re-work. The reason imo, the A320 family got gear animations and wingflex instead a “complete” re-work is because, the A320 family is still fairly new to IF, and there was no reason to drastically update it


Can’t wait for the day we get this rework 💕