Airbus A330 Rework


I think we ran out of people to vote. Lol


Does anyone know how many community members there are?


There are 49857 members


Oh, then we aren’t out yet! We have 49,056 people to go! 😂


But more than half have either stopped, been inactive, spam, robots, or banned


and you’re not even counting people like me who don’t have any free votes


You could always spare a vote for the needy a330 rework topic?


I could spare a vote…
But my votes are currently on stuff I really want.
I don’t really know about the a330 and its issues, so that’s why I haven’t voted for it.


I actually did not vote either, but guys, it is amazing how many votes this topic has received!


Yeah less than 200 votes to make the magic mark
Anyways let’s end this discussion as I feel it is sliding off the rails (aka off-topic)


One lIke = one prayer gents, (just look at the detailed engines, such a sleek fuselage, is this love I feel?)


I don’'t know if this has been said but hopefully the engines get corrected on the Delta A330 as it currently has the incorrect engine models.


Yeah. I don’t think that they operate RR…

This aircraft needs to get saved desperately. But I’m sure this will happen soon. :)


I am just excited about the new gear system, and what that could mean for things like gear truck (gear tilt as the noobs call it). If you ask me that sounds like a move twards the A330 since it is famous for it’s gear truck…


This plane is a beauty. It needs a rework.


Hopefully! It’s such a great plane and also I’ve seen so many beautiful A330 landings because of the way the gear truck tilts and then slowly lowers (just as a added note)


After the TBM 930 update this has to be the next aircraft rework. Who knows this might even be included in the TBM 930 rework


Is this the most voted for Aircraft rework?


Yes it is the most voted aircraft at the moment


Yes, we need rework ini A330-300 and more liveries on it.