Airbus A330 Rework


You can always vote for the current existing one :)


I did vote for it. I just checked


Hope it gets added, would love to fly a longer flight to and from PHNL with a Hawaiian Airline :)


Oooo look at that 801 Votes, we are moving to higher grounds ;)


I’m sad that no airline in Japan flies this baby…


Skymark did flew the A330…


Damn… this is the only rework request i see at the top. We might have a chance with this one.


Yah, I know the flew them but FLEW is not what i like!! I like FLYING;)


Wow ! Already 800 votes 🤔😎


@Hugh_Simpson The DEVS are not ignoring this. They are well aware of this reworks existence.


They aren’t ignoring it. You never know, they may or may not have plans to do this rework.
(not speculating by the way)


Hello Hugh!
Just because we’re not revealing the grand master plan for years to come, doesn’t mean we’re ignoring requests. We’re very much aware of this request.


Hmm, I wonder what this “grand master plan” could be… 🤔 but only speculation for now, until FDS spills the beans that is 🙃


I think I’ll wait with my subscription until it’s finally out … It will not be worth it because at the moment it’s no fun for me anymore and it’s not cheap either … long haul has to be overhauled anyway
A330 please come in the next year 😚


I’m curious about the plans


Can you translate because I do not understand German


It was about the Text from schyllberg


Is it possible that you have more things in mind for the future of IF than what was said at FlightSimExpo for this year?


So guys, as you might see in the 18.3 update, rework aircrafts is possible.

(wingflex added, hydrolics effects and liveries has followed) it will comes, I’m sure (patience is the key)

ps: also don’t forget to keep enhough votes for other things. (Taxyway lights feature for example…)


We need the A330 😂 we don’t need other votes 😂 they can come after A330 @william