Airbus A330 Rework


I really like TAP and Azul liveries!


Just 2 away from 800.


Well we’re almost there. Just wait and see.😏


Definitely needed! Got my vote!


One left til 800 votes 🤩


Oh yeah! Should be there very soon…


Don’t forget Hawaiian airlines


Indeed it should be soon :)
Happy to see this Request getting so much love, the A330 needs a proper rework which it surely will get.


I am just dying sitting here thinking of those buttery, smooth landing, hopefully with gear tilt. :)


The AA -200 would allow us to do so many realistic Trans-Atlantic routes from PHL and CLT


You got me drooling already 🤤
A well deserved rework shall come one day with them Gear Tilt :D


Haha yes! Watching the 2 wheels on the bottom just slide across the runaway and then the other 2 joining it is probably one of the most satisfying things to watch.


I would looooooove that plane in IF as long with Hawaiian air



Very nice livery! The two I’m hoping for is Singapore airlines and jet airways! Even if they aren’t there this plane really needs a rework!


I really want Hawaiian cause I can do HNL-JFK flights


CONGRATUALATIONS! We are at 800 votes!


I’m flying right now on my IPad from Rome to Boston. I am flying the A330 in the generic livery, would be so nice to fly the Alitalia livery for real in the future :)


800 votes, well done guys!


If y’all want your liveries then creating your own request for it or voting for a already existing one wouldn’t be a bad idea ;)
And hopefully those beautiful liveris will be added along with the reowork of this bird :)


I’m not at the TL (at least I don’t think I am) in plus it’ll be a duplicate