Airbus A330 Rework


Yeah I agree with you.


Guys…we are getting off-topic…again…


Missing the REG numbers on the tail.


So what is it that you are looking for most to be remade with this plane?


Wow! I can’t believe how far this thread has come. We now have almost reached 1,000 votes. We are currently at 788 Votes!


People have already said that…


Is it just me, or does anyone really want to see the 3D engine blades and engine start up?


Almost 800 VOTES! Keep up the support guys!


Let’s not forget the underdogs! Northwest A330 (N858NW) is quite a beauty!

<3 <3!


Just made it 794 votes

I’m happy as long as we get the Virgin Atlantic livery!

Oh, and proper engine sounds would be lovely too


Everything I want is the Middle East Airlines A330-200 :) I love that livery.


I remember flying a A330 with Delta that still had NW seats. Boy it was a blast!


With the amount of liveries being added to the A318/19/20/21 family…I can only imagine the devs plan on adding a lot to the 330 rework. I doubt the airliners that operate 1 or 2 will get featured, rightfully so, but I fully expect the bigger operators of the A330 to come with the new rework :)


Lot of speculation you have there. But I do think the 330 rework is high up their list


Definitely speculative, but I would say it’s also realistic to assume they’ll add a bigger selection of liveries than currently available.


If they add the a330-200 the the Thomas cook livery should be added


I would be beautiful with the American Airlines livery.


The thread is at almost 800 votes!!


Yup! Just five more votes to go until we reach a new milestone in the community! :)


wow 797 votes lol! Add a B before the number… “thinking”