Airbus A330 Rework


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Since when did Air New Zealand operate A330s?


I thought they leased some because theit 787s are out of service.


Wrong. The A350 competes with the B777 primarily and the A330 with the Dreamliner. Because the Dreamliner popular airbus decided to create the A330neo to attract more buyers.


Yep they did…

And you were right about the out of servace, they were in this incident, I was thinking about somthing else…


That, my friend, was the A340 they leased. Or so originally they did.


But best I can tell it was naver paonted with Air Newzeland, so why would we add it?


Southwest doesn’t operate Airbus planes, let alone the A330


Lol, that one is definitly wrong 😂


JAL was on that list. I dont think they operate the A330.


More or less that list needs a through investigation…

Or a quick glance…


They don’t operate it either!


My Favourite Livery of the Airbus A330

Credits: internet


You’ve forgotten Shaheen,Windrose,PIA


I flew the Alitalia A330 last Sunday, and the B777 last night, but in my personal opinion the A330 was a more comfortable and better airplane. But other than that, it was a beautiful livery that I would hope be available in a future A330 rework!


I already said it was a mistake for Singapore Airlines, dont know what came to my mind back then… You know, you start writing the S and something distracts you :)


I Did not put ALL A330 Operators, otherwise the list would be Gigantic! Thanks for the comment though


Apparently they’re leasing a few due to 787 issues.


Yes, but the planes are operated by Qatar. They have Qatar crew, cabins and livery.



I really wanted this very realistic landing gear on the A330-200 / 300 😍

credits = polish_pilot 😎