Airbus A330 Rework


I can’t say what they will do when they begin to rework this aircraft, but i’d assume they will take each aircraft type by their own and by that i mean, they’ll rework the A330 and A340 separately, at separate times and on top of that there’s a A340 rework feature request with 70+ votes as of now.

But i as i said can’t speak for FDS sp it’s up to them and i like your idea although i think most likely they’ll do separately…



No I’m kidding. I think they both need a rework but A330 should come first as there seems to be a under representation of Airbus aircraft in the sim.


But i think its better to do it together though… to save time…

Just my two cents…


Do you know what I would like to see with this rework!

(Credit -

I think this livery looks SO GOOD on the A330-300!


Tbh i am not sure why it takes FDS so long to add additional liveries into the game. Not sure if it is down to copyright issues or royalties. I would love to see the virgin livery too added in a update in the future.


Well, for the A330 they cant add liveries because of the outdated aircraft model, meaning the new ways of making liveries would fit the plane model currently. But when they do a rework then they can add all the liveries and more after the release of it too.


Haha, this has 767 votes, the A330s competitor lol 😂


@Deltabro, There’s 10 more to go til 777 😉


@Captain_JR @Deltabro That’s 20 more 'till 787 xD


Personaly I’d call the 777 the compedator not as much the 76, but I see how the 76 and A330 could be in contention based on routes and such…


I disagree, the 330 was built for the 76, the 340 was built for the 77.


I never mentioned anything whose competition is who??
But honestly the A330 and 767 are direct competitors!


Oh, sorry I relpied you your post I ment to reply generaly…


The 777 is as @Kevin_Potthast mentioned, a competitor of the A340 series.


While that is true, now that both the A340 and 767 are out of production and one of wich a rare spot in the wild these days, I think that 777 and the A330 were in compotition in some ways till the A350, esspecialy some of the bigger -100s esspecialy are now much more of a compedator to the old trip.

I do think over all the A330 is more of a 767, reinforced by the fact of the neo being smaller, and eaven sliding close to a middle of the market type aircraft…


The A350 is Airbus response to Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner.
It’s clash between who can provide the most comfort, fuel efficiency and most importantly, profit, to be beneficial for the manufacturer.
A ticket where money shows off value for what you pay for. If that makes any sense, haha.


I see 767’s everyday and 777-200


May i suggest taking this over to a PM, before clogging up this thread with 777 stuff? ;)


Yes, I do know that, and while that is true I do think esspecialy the bigger ones are the airbuses only comparator, and frankly they dont have a direct compedator to the 777 wich I think is a big factor in why they arnt doing so hot right now…


This is an Airbus thread let’s try to keep it that way including myself