Airbus A330 Rework


I get you so much! !!! @Louis1


Recently this request had 747 votes, now we’re at 757 (Boeing keeps coming back) 😂


Next up 767 @Captain_JR


ooooooo the 777 means luck oooooo


illuminati confirmed


This is needed for sure


How pointless is this voting system?..I guess IF is meant for the privileged few to enjoy. The A350 has now become a taboo word and it seems A330 is about to join it soon



Don’t Worry, the A330 Rework May come at a time, the reason why hey hadn’t added it yet right after the new update coming is because you can’t release a CRJ commercial jet rework and at the same time release a A330 rework. It’s got to happen after one rework is finished. That’s why they announced the GA Aircraft (that is small and doesn’t need to much work (like the A330) all together with the CRJ at once)to come most likely With the CRJ’s. Hang in there A330.


@Slay No, it is not pointless, the voting system is hardly a 100%, far from it, but at least we have it, when they wanted to do a recent update they asked us, and we said MD-11, and second CRJ, so we got them in that order, the A330 was on that list and we had a chance then, I understand your disappointment, I too had my fingers crossed for an a330. Also the A350 is hardly as you say, they had legitimate reasons, and I am sure both the A350, and A330 are on a list to be added, but there has been a long our cry for GA aircraft, and the developers do have final say in what gets added. Be thankful we eaven have a system where we can give our ideas, and have them possibly added…


Like I said you can’t expect them to announced a very details CRJ and also have a very detailed A330 in one update. Maybe the A330 will actually be next!


And we will have to wait and see!

Personally I would rather wait a while and get the best possible A330 than have a half baked version these people seem to want…


Let’s move on guys. No need to speculate here. Take it over to a PM in that case.

Many of us are anticipating the A330 rework and it’ll come when the time is right :)


True, true. I wouldn’t mind waiting a while for a detailed New Aircraft instead of waiting a month for a low quality aircraft.


I wonder… where do all of these votes keep on coming from?
I LIKE it!


Caps aren’t needed and it’s likely you won’t see any new liveries until there is a full rework.


Well looks like the top voted features never get implemented into a game :( (A350, soon the A330)


I’m willing to bet money this will come after the A10.


alright bet lets see who wins


in all honestly i do love the a330 aircraft but i think the 757 needs a rework more than the 330. This is the order i think they should do the reworks:

  1. 757
  2. A330
  3. 767


Can we do a the rework based on the aircraft family? i mean like A330/340 and 757/767? They are similar jets right?