Airbus A330 Rework


WOW! In all my time i dont think i have ever seen a feature request with so man votes! This has to be the next plane to be reworked!


747 votes, nice.
Very nice.


Ironic 747 votes for an airbus a330 rework


This topic has 205 more votes than the second highest one!


Uploading… hahaa coincidence !! 747 votes !!


just image the A330 with gear tilt when they reworked it


I would love to see the XL Airways Airways France A330-200. The airline has a odd name.


Yay! 750 Votes! Lets keep it up guys! (1000 votes?!?!?!)


1,000 votes? That may take awhile to accomplish, but not impossible! I can see this rework growing even more, as it gets more support, too!


We’re already 3/4ths of the way there!


Air Seychelles A330-200 for the win!


I think the next aircraft can be A330 or C17


A large part of this plane’s beauty is it’s instantly recognizable gear tilt.

If there’s any point in time to figure out gear tilt, having it on this aircraft would be a start.


After they fix this, a lot of people will have an extra vote. Lol


Well I guess FDS didn’t notice how many votes we have on this…


Oh, I’m sure they noticed. Key word here is priorities. FDS may have to perfect smaller items in preparation for a rework of this magnitude.

Don’t assume something when you don’t know what is going on on the backend. Things happen for a reason. 🙂

My Gripe with the new aircraft Announcement

What @DeerCrusher is trying to say is that some things have perfected and new features to be added in order for a rework like this to be even worth trying at.
(Remember: Quality takes time!)


No rework announced today but all hopes for the future!


Just keep waiting, keep voting, and be patient…

Many things this sim needs, and this is just something on that list, be patient… 👍🏻

Here’s to hoping for the future, and being happy in the present…


I’m confused as to why the staff haven’t even commented on the fact that this feature has surpassed all others by number of votes - and it’s not like it’s by a small margin. What’s the point of having the vote feature if the feature request with the highest number of votes hasn’t even been commented on by any staff?