Airbus A320neo


Yea it happen often but it’s okay now I was adding to interjet in that time , but no pb I will add now


Jetstar get your act together and buy new domestic planes already! The livery would look so good with those beast engines. Anyway, they recently received a load of A320(WL)s and A321(WL)s.


If people say that we don’t need this then I don’t understand why we need the 737MAX either. Both the 737MAX and the A320neo have new engines. And the MAX has new winglets and a cockpit. That said though, I would really like both the neo and MAX in IF.


The a320neo doesnt have new sharklet…


@HEYEY correct him with the right terminology:

Sharklets ;)


Yeesh… how did i make that mistake


Is asking for antonov, DreamLifter, and Beluga off topic here?

My Transit/cargo virtual airline at Infinite PAX suffers from lack of aircraft options and it is fun to see these giants in the airports or flying them at heavy load.


Yes it is. There are already feature requests for these. Im not gonna flag this becuz u dont know. Pls read the guidelines :)


Poke around in this category. Enjoy ;)


This would be so beautiful with global just imagine.


So true especially with the SAS livery.


i am here for this ( only for the retirement of the airbus a319 ) I want the spirit a320neo
she is beautiful



Pls add this


You can vote for it here!


This would be nice but a new A320 is unlikely since the existing one is so good (apart from no wingflex). Although it wouldnt be too hard to add new engines and new liveries/ wing flex to the existing one.


Bump really hope to see my favourite aircraft family get added soon really hope to get them all especially THE SAS a320NEO LN-RGM



Added a few more operators and registrations along with making the topic a bit easier to navigate through.


AirAsia Malaysia A320N 😍
Someone please change the registration for AirAsia from 9M-NEO to 9M-AGA because they wont add special liveries


I like no engine option more then the new engine option lol