Airbus A320neo


There is 95% parts commonality, the main difference is the CFM56-7A Engines being swapped with either the PW1000G or CFM LEAP-1A. I believe that there may be some changes to cockpit design or features.


Oh… Thanks!


New Airlines have recieved the A320neo, could someone please add some? Thank you! :)


I support this plane, but more the 737 MAX 🙂


Frontier currently has 2 NEOs, add them in. :)


Kuwait Airways has ordered them. Registeration is 9K-A… (last two letters not confirmed)


I really love the A320neo airplane because it’s a great airplane and it have a new engine option with fuel efficiency who will help me personally to make a long flight , I hope the DV will take a look on it after Global or before that if it’s possible.


The A320neo would be a great addition to the IF family!!


Of course we need the little A320neo! :)
Maybe you can also add EasyJet!


We need this badly. I can just imagine those huge engines in Infinite Flight!


I love it!!! don’t forget ANA has a320NEOS too you know.

PHOTO BY Kazuchika Naya


Registrations you are missing:
Volaris: N528VL
VivaAerobus: XA-VIV, XA-VIB
Interjet: XA-APO, XA-JRM


You’re missing Easy Jet
Cute little thing with giant engines 😂


It is already a wiki?


Oh lol, it is. My mistake there.


Can a Regular put a registration for Frontier N310FR. (Sunny the Collared Lizard)

Also WOW AIR registration TF-NEO


Done, I have added all of them 😉

Edit : I have modified the original post abit


I have edited too and added SAS, HK express.


Sorry that the registration got deleted 😅. I guess we were editing at the same time


Add EasyJet while you’re doing it. @Ousman @SingaporeAirlines