Airbus A320neo


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About the A320neo

The Airbus A320neo family is a re-engine development of its A320 family of narrow-body airliners, launched on 1 December 2010 by Airbus, where “neo” means “new engine option”, with a choice of CFM International LEAP-1A or Pratt & Whitney PW1000G engines. The original family is now called A320ceo, for “current engine option”.

The first flight of the A320neo took place on 25 September 2014. It was introduced by Lufthansa on 25 January 2016. Airbus has 5,053 firm orders as of May 2017.

About the Engines

The CFM International LEAP is a high-bypass turbofan engine. It is produced by CFM International, a 50-50 joint venture company between GE Aviation of the United States and Safran Aircraft Engines (formerly known as Snecma) of France. It is a modernized replacement for the successful CFM International CFM56, intended to compete with the Pratt & Whitney PW1000G in the single-aisle jetliner market.

The Pratt & Whitney PW1000G is a high-bypass geared turbofan engine family, currently selected as the exclusive engine for the Bombardier CSeries, Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ), and Embraer’s second generation E-Jets, and as an option on the Irkut MC-21 and Airbus A320neo. The project was previously known as the Geared Turbofan (GTF), and originally the Advanced Technology Fan Integrator (ATFI). The engine is expected to deliver reductions in fuel use and ground noise when used in next-generation aircraft. The PW1000G engine first entered commercial use in January 2016 with Lufthansa’s first commercial Airbus A320neo flight.

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Airbus - F-WNEO
Avianca - N765AV
Air Asia - 9M-AGA
Air China - B-8890
Air India - VT-EXK
All Nippon Airlines - JA213A
Azul Linhas Aereas - PR-YRL
China Southern Airlines - B-8545
China West Air - B-8867
Citilink - PK-GTA
easyJet - G-UZHA
Frontier - N310FR
GoAir - VT-WGD
HK Express - B-LCA
IndiGo - VT-ITC
Interjet - XA-JRM
LATAM Airlines Chile - CC-BHB
Lufthansa - D-AINA
Pegasus - TC-NBB
S7 Airlines - VQ-BCF
Sichuan Airlines - B-8680
Spirit Airlines - N904NK
Sri Lankan - 4R-ANA
Tianjin Airlines - B-8952
Viva Aerobus - XA-VIV
Volaris - N529VL


Orders and Deliveries List

Request for new a359 xwb aircraft and liveries...your opinion too.
Frontier “Sunny the Collared Lizard” A320NEO
Nuevos aviines
Spirit Airlines Airbus a320neo
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According to Wikipedia, the A320neo has 30 of it’s orders coming from JetBlue. Deliveries start in 2016.


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