Airbus A220


Never in my wildest dreams would these things exist

Why don’t Airbus just call it the C-series still?


The CSeries needs to be fitted in the Airbus brand. That’s only possible by changing the name to Airbus A220-100/300.


Airbus C-Series 200? I dunno. Sounds kinda cooler?


No, they chose to name it A and not C because the Chinese manufacturer Comac is releasing aircraft with a C, like the Comac C919.


This is the best future for the Cseries/A220 family, cause Airbus has a final assembly installations in Alabama, so the aircraft is considered an American aircraft and don’t takes the 300% tariff US government put on the cseries! So now delta and American Airlines can buy it without the tariff. This airplane size is the future of aviation.


Does it have the “retard” call out? Or is it the only Airbus without it?


I don’t know. If not, maybe they’ll add it to insult their pilots xD


For every pilot in IF it’s unnecessary at the moment, let’s hope a bigger variety of sounds and more specific call outs get added to the game.


I was not talking about IF, I meant the real world aircraft, I was just curious if Airbus changed that…


I know but I speculated if we can get it added to IF


It’s way too late to re-certify a new system. I suspect the current system will be here to stay.

Stormed? Took over? What did they “take over”? They put a new paint job on the plane and told their marketing team to call it something different. It’s still the same plane.


No, I was not saying they changed it, I was just asking to see if it already had it since I was not sure if Bombider did that…


No, they don’t do that. Pilots have noted Bombardier’s sidestick has a much different feel to Airbus’ sidestick. It reportedly feels less detached from the aircraft.


there’s a whole feature request for that.


I’m just going to drop this article here…


Well, I knew all the speculation about this was true! But hey they did it for the CS series but Boeing did it for the 717 which was originally the MD-95


I had negative thoughts about the A220 at first. Now , I have many more. I would change my mind to liking the A320 from the 737 if the A220 could go away.


The A220 has nothing to do with you preferring the A320 over the 737. Completely different aircraft.


Airbus announced that they are going to try to modify the A220 cockpit to the point where pilots can get common aircraft type ratings for the A220/A320 series.


So the aircraft is going to rate them? Have they said based one what?