Airbus A220


I think it looks like a mini a350


More like a mini A330-300 because of the winglets


Ehhh. I still have a sticker I bought at the McDonnell Douglas factory of their new jet the MD-95. Can anyone tell me what it is known as now? Same thing as this.


The 717/MD95 same difference!


Just saw this- it’s just a re-badged bombardier CS series


Yes it is. Whole same thing just with Airbus‘ name on it.


JetBlue literally just ordered 60 so I’m pretty sure lots of airlines were waiting on this


Of course it’s a guarantee that they won’t have tariffs placed on the aircraft and there will be aftersales support and likely competitive pricing thanks to the buyer power of Airbus.


It is kind of sad that after all of this work, Bombardier doesn’t really get to much recognition. I wish it was called the Airbus-Bombarider A220 or something like that, but it is still pretty cool.


Whats next the Boeing 797,800 etc…? (Boeing renames all Embraer aircraft?


I’d like to see where this all leads up to and Boeing’s reaction


CS100 - A316
CS300 - A317

Simple enough


Personally, I would do this:

CS300: A200
CS100: A210

I do this because it reminds me of A300 and A310. The A300 is longer than the A310, like the CS300 is to the CS100.


Look at its cockpit!
It looks much brand new and installed with wider monitor screens!
Just wondering is a220 similar to a320 families in some ways?


Both use fly by wire


Airbus didn’t storm it, they actually saved it.


They officially suck at naming planes…


I’d say apart from the name, this is a win win for everyone except Boeing. That name tho, would’ve liked to see A210/A230.


Again, all aircraft in the A320 family are sharing the same cockpit, same cabin, same wing technology. The A220 is a completely different aircraft.


YEP look at airbuses website and they have labeled it the a220-100 and a220-300.