Airbus A220


They took out the yokes and replaced it with joysticks


Who knows how much influence Airbus had earlier in developing progress. Airbus is using fly by wire since the 1980s now.


The Bombardier CS300 never had yokes.


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”
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For some reason I always thought there was yokes my mistake


I feel like it has been so long since Airbus has introduced a “new” jet. Nice to see another aircraft in the Airbus livery!


Oh no! What the heck is up with Airbus! I cannot deal with them. I do not know what to think. I now do not like Airbus anymore RIP Bombardier


I like the 220 lol but that’s me


Lol I didn’t thought Airbus was going to name the cs series a220. If I were them I would put a319-200 and a320-300


That wouldn’t work. The A320-200 and the A321-200 are newer generations. The first A320 was a -100 and for example Lufthansa and Air France still have A321-100 in their fleet. The CSeries is a completely different plane, so a different name was needed.


cough cough achoo



Was coming here to tell you to fix your mistake in the title but I guess I was mistaken lol


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lmao I thought it said airbus A300 and I had to put my bifocals on to re read


Regional Carriers will not be ordering this aircraft due to it’s size, it is waayy to big to fall under U.S. Scope Clauses. Many carriers that will be ordering it have relations with Airbus, and the A220 is an Airbus plane now, so renaming it is one more step to make it fit in with the Airbus branding.


The -100 is of a similar size to the embraer ejets, which is mainly operated by regional carriers.


Considering the success of the series with the C series and the rave reviews of those already in commercial flight (swiss for example). It is definitely going to sell. Passengers love the aircraft, it has good range, it can start replacing older aircraft such as the older CRJ’s and B736’s and 7’s that are still flying…

and can enable airlines to open routes they may not have with other aircraft with its range, but still regional feel


No US Regional carrier operates the E-195, all of them are mainline. Regional Carriers can only operate planes with up to 76 seats, which the E-195 has more. It is the only E-Jet comparable to the CS100. Swiss’s CS100 seats 125, as an example. It will not be operated by Regional airlines.


Guess Jet blue has order an A220 according to Airbus

So you may have heard about the debut of the #A220 earlier today… but have you heard about the JetBlue A220???

Per Airbus’ facebook.


The german newspaper “Handelsblatt” reported about a deal between JetBlue and Airbus, 60 A220-300 are ordered by JetBlue.

And now it seems to be confirmed: the CS100 becomes the A220-100 and the CS300 becomes the A220-300


Looks great! I hope this gets added to IF!!! 🙏🙏