Airbus A220


An incredibly gorgeous aircraft now owned by Airbus! And boy did they do an amazing job with it. Great work Airbus


Awesome! Even if it’s just a rename it sounds good and the airbus colors suit it nicely. Congrats airbus, keeping the competition with boeing spicy.


Then the CS100 would be the A220 and the CS300 the A221


They need to put a mask on it lol. Wise choice by both companies.


So here’s the million dollar question, will Boeing do the same to Embrares new jets?


Actually they could do it, the A220 is mostly build of composite material like the A350 or the A330neo‘s winglets and they both got the mask. Quite like it tbh, looks a bit weird to me when I look at the B787 now because it has no mask. Or you just do it like Air Canada and paint it on later.


I think it’d look even better with some raccoon eyes like the other Airbus aircraft, but you know, this one’s very special.


Why not? Infact they’re Boeing plains now.


Here’s some word from Bombardier on the rebranding:

Also, I’d like to clear something up with the Boeing—Embraer stuff. The two manufacturers have a joint venture, this does not mean that the E-Jets or any of Embraers planes are Boeing’s.


Renaming the aircraft is a terrible idea. The regional carriers (who would be the main potential buyers) already have business relationships with Bombardier, not Airbus. This is only going to make getting orders more difficult.


I could imagine Boeing finds a way to rename it so it fits in their brand.


Yes thats what I meant


It won’t make orders more difficult, Airbus has this kind of stuff figured out. A220 sells to more as Airbus is a well known company that sounds more appealing than bombardier to both regional low cost and other airlines around the world.


In my opinion this was a selfish idea for Airbus to take the 50.01% stake and taking the CSeries as their “A220”. If Airbus wants a new aircraft, why not develop one on their own instead of taking it?

I’m taking Boeing’s side for this one also. I belive Bombardier offered Delta an insanely low price and Boeing put a 300% Tariff on it.

The one thing I’m excited about is that Airbus saved Bombardier with this stake and that I can look forward to more innovative aircraft in the future!

But for now, I’m looking out for the Boeing “NMA-6X” project!


Yes!! I definetly agree. I don’t mind Airbus CSeries: A-C100, A-C300.

Indeed, it’s called dumping. There’s a nice video explaining more about the situation. I don’t like the huge tariff though, it should’ve been 100%-200%.

Well, atleast they did that, but it’s unfair that they got it for free. Like You said, they should develop their own planes, but as explained in this video, they’ve been struggling.

P.S. I am not trying to endorse Wendover Productions. 😂

Overall, lets hope for the best!


I watch Wendover Productions a ton, too!


I wouldn’t say it’s selfish. Both Airbus and Boeing didn’t develop a smaller plane with less fuel burn for short haul in the 50-130 seat market. Now they noticed how important this market can be, and until a completely new model is designed, it can take ten years and more. For both it’s simpler to buy the model of their competitors, and just by the way Airbus safed the whole CSeries program.


Eh at least if it were added on this sim youd be able to see over the new pilot statues taxiing with those windows 😂


This jet looks amazing! But I just wished that they kept more of the Bombardier aspect. Also I also hate that they took out the yokes, I wished they kept the yokes though


They haven’t changed the aircraft at all. It’s got a new Airbus livery and that’s it.