Airbus A220


Didn’t expect that name lol. Here’s the YT stream:


Can someone confirm that for the different versions (-100, -300, etc.) will be the A220-300 for example?

And no other changes were made to the aircraft right?


Airbus kinda saved Bombardier with this. Boeing was causing problems for the CS300/100. There were tariffs placed upon Bombardier if they wanted to manufacture the C-Series in the United States. Airbus can manufacture the planes in the U.S without the tariffs so they bought 50.01% of Bombardier’s CS-Series, which saved Bombardier.

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I love planes, almost any plane I see but this…oh no! I feel like all the respect I had for the C-series has now been taken away, they should have kept the name. It looks weird IMO.


They saved the CSeries, not the whole company. Bombardier isn’t only active in the aviation industry btw.


I think it’s disgusting, but hey, I’m a Bombardier fan, and a fan of the aircraft, so I’m super happy this deal/partnership worked out and saved the aircraft, and I’m really happy that this amazing aircraft will get so many more orders now and be more successful than it’s competitors, so I’ll live with the name, but I’ll always call it the CSeries.
(It’s like MD-95 becoming the 717, just this’ll end up better and Airbus isn’t buying the company)


Umm, WoW. I can’t find the words. I’m happy for Airbus and Bombardier yet I’m cringing all too hard. Still would be a great addition to Infinite Flight.

I’m legit afraid of the Boeing and Embraer Deal now. 😂


Sincerely, i think Bombardier is almost “dead” now. Since they became afraid of Boeing competitors, obtaining the Airbus protection was probably the last chance for Bombardier to save the company and C series itself. However, in the future, Bombardier will be only a name for the Airbus company and it will be like the McDouglass absorbed by Boeing company, nothing else.

PS. Before someone could start to criticize me, this is only my prevision but maybe it will be not like that…


For airlines who already own the 100/300, e.g. AirBaltic and Swiss Airlines, will they have to change the names of their aircraft from CS-100/300 to Airbus A220-100/300?


They didn’t save the whole company, correct, but they did save Bombardier a lot of money.


It’s like selling a Volkswagen as a Bugatti, its all branding and communality


A220 sounds so odd to me, I would have preferred Airbus CS indeed…


I agree!! Just sounds odd!


Pronouncing that is going to take a while for sure. As an Airbus fan though, I’m super happy and excited about this! Nice job Airbus!


It’ll always be the CSeries to me.

Screw ‘A200’!

Embraers should be branded Embraers, and Bombardiers should be branded Bombardiers.


Bad name choice! CS300 sounded much better


What if Boeing renames the Embraer E-Series Jets to Boeing B[XXX] or something now? That’s just something I think when I see this. I don’t think that would happen though because the E-Series have already been operated as their own jet and to change that would be horrific.


Is it going to be A220-300/100?
Wouldn’t it make sense to have A219 / A220 …


By the way the business supplying phone parts is not the same as the one making phones so it’s not a competitor. Samsung is a massive conglomerate with many different subsidiaries. I think this deal is going to be brilliant for Bombardier though with the backing of Airbus


I actually like it, the Airbus livery suits it well. This will probably also happen with Boeing and Embraer.