Airbus A220


Looks like Airbus is introducing its new jet!


Photos just in!!
Airbus is renaming the Bombardier CSeries to become the Airbus A220!
This is a very bittersweet moment for a Canadian like me.
If the CS300 is the A220-300 now, then will the CS100 be the A220-100?



Watching live now, not necessarily a new jet but a new title for an existing jet


Do you think there will be any buyers? I don’t believe there will be because it is just a renamed aircraft.


Here she is!


Wait, what the hell? Thought it was a joke first…


Ewwww… I mean, I liken Airbus, but…


That’s great for the Short haul and regional industry
I’m kinda dossaponted that Airbus just stormed into the bombardier C series program and kinda just took over


Delta has 25 orders I believe but that was when it was still under bombardier



Do you think they will still want the aircraft or stick with the normal CS300?


So thoughts on Airbus changing the name?


I personally don’t like it because it is a CS300 but with a name change.


I don’t like it. I was a fan of bombardier and an airbus hater even before I knew about these Airbus-CSeries shenanigans. This just infuriates me.


I think they’ll have MUCH more buyers. All these airlines know that this was the CSeries, the aircraft is still built by Bombardier. Airlines may be more comfortable buying it now as they may have previous relations with Airbus, etc, you name it all…


This is clearly a business decision, if anything, by Airbus. They want the new CSeries to be branded under Airbus and not a competitor in the airline industry. This because they do not want to market a competitor’s name, Bombardier, when selling the CSeries jets.

Similarly, all iPhones (from what I’m aware) have Samsung built screens, however Apple does not market or promote this fact. This is because by promoting another competitor, some potential customers for Apple might want to check out the latest Samsung and purchase that instead.

EDIT: Plus, by branding and marketing the CSeries as the “A220”, the aircraft gets additional publicity, just like this thread here, alongside with many articles on different newspapers and magazines.


Same here. Not a fan at all. Its not selling very well to boot.


I think it’ll sell well, it says Airbus and so people will probably be interested


Yeah, I agree with you


The A223 with the Beluga Xl!