airBaltic Virtual Recruitment Event! @ EVRA - 132230ZFEB18 [CLOSED]


Awesome! Sure you can!


The event is still on right?


Yes it is! Today at 2230Z


Okay great I can still come and I will be flying over my Mom’s home town in Poland.


Which town is it? I’ll make sure we will fly over it:)


Skoki it’s in Poland. Either we fly over it or very close to it.


Just submitted the application form.


Hi could I have stand 108 please?


I will be live streaming for you guys/girls Okay.

  1. On a) Twitch or b) YouTube?
    2)What’s your stream name?


On YouTube but I’m setting a Twitch account the link is in my Bio.


What time will you be landing, becuais I have some things to do this eavning, but if the time works I would love to do Approach


It will take us about 2h 30mins. So EDDF at 0100Z


That should work put me down


Also the player name will be Simon Brown, not KPIT, but you can put KPIT above


Awesome! Thanks. See you in Frankfurt


So are we flying over Skoki? Oh and I applied.


Do I need to put down my name, or do you do that?


Either my game has corrupt files, or theres no Ground Control at EVRA, we could use a pm as a primitive ground control…


You are already there!