airBaltic Virtual Recruitment Event! @ EVRA - 132230ZFEB18 [CLOSED]


First airBaltic Virtual Event in IF!

YouTube live coverage! (click to see)

Server: Training

Region: Europe

Departure Airport: EVRA

Arrival Airport: EDDF*

Date: 13/02/2018*

Time: 22:30Z

Aircraft: Dash-8 Q400 (AirBaltic)


Gate 102: @Artem_Frolov
Gate 104: @Ceys033
Gate 105: @William_Croft
Gate 106: @Goran12
Gate 107: @Pijus_G
Gate 108: @Lpurcell27
Gate 109:
Gate 309:
Gate 307:
Gate 305:


More gates will be added if needed!


Dash-8 Q400

NOTAM: Will be issued before the flight

If you want to reserve a gate, please pm me or leave a comment here!

Our website:
If you want to join airBaltic Virtual as a pilot, please fill out this form!

Please, spawn 10 minutes before the flight to be properly ready for the event! Copy flight plan from @Artem_Frolov

*Could be changed, please check this thread for the latest info!

airBaltic Virtual Official Thread [Looking for CEO]

Please ensure you follow the Event Guidelines.


I’d like EDDF ground and tower


Done! See you there!


Gate Booking now open!


Since I don’t have time for the flight, I would like to be EVRA ground as that will be good for my training anyways. If you want me to, I’ll happily try tower.


I am not certain if I can do tower because I have never tried, but gonna watch the tutorials.


Awesome! EVRA Ground + Tower is yours!


Do i reserve a gate here?


You do! See you there


The event is tomorrow! Don’t forget to book a gate!


Did some training and now I know how to do tower, soo ready for tomorrow.


Good to hear! See you tomorrow!


yeh ill try and get there


Awesome! Gate is yours


GATE 107 for reservation please.


Count as done! See you there


The event is today! Last chance to book gates


We will be using only Dash-8 in order to control the cruising speed a little bit:)


Can I have a gate please I will come in a Dash8 I will be live streaming for YouTube.